10 September 2017

A Blue Sky organic cotton scarf

I've been waiting for the new organic cotton to arrive at Ecoyarns. Last week it came in and Salihan sent me two skeins of Blue Sky organic cotton in a very pretty soft pink Shell colour.  I was going to knit up a quick cotton shawl for my granddaughter but Gracie chewed up my most of my circular needles 🙄 so I ended up making a cowl scarf. The cotton is beautifully soft and as this scarf will be near Eve's face, I know she'll be happy to wear it.

The cotton is 10ply so it was quick and easy to knit with. I've decided to do make this as my Christmas knit so it will be ready for Eve to wear next winter.  That should use up the remaining Blue Sky Shell cotton and give me enough time to start a vest for myself using the Allhemp 8ply I have here. It's a lovely soft grey which will go well with some of my clothes.

My plan was to embroider some rose buds on the scarf but the knit rows were too bulky and they got lost, so I went with buttons instead.  I haven't decided which ones to use yet but I'm probably going to go with the three red buttons in the top photo or the teddy faces in this one.

The Blue Sky cotton comes in a range of beautiful colours which you can see here at Ecoyarns.

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