Weekend reading

16 June 2017

Another week almost over and I don't have much to show for it. I've been concentrating on my blog course this week and should have it ready to send out on 26 June.  It's been raining or overcast here so the temperature has been at a mild 10 - 15C at night and 20C during the day. Next week will probably be colder.  If you're in the northern hemisphere, I hope you're enjoying your summer temperatures, if you're here in the south, I hope you're not too cold and have a warm home to shelter in.

Thanks for your visits this week. Visitor numbers are starting to increase again which is surprising as I've been around so long.  Still, I hope my new readers find the blog interesting and motivating. I'll see you all again next week. Have a lovely weekend, my friends. xx

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A story about cold chickens and their knitted jackets - this is in my neighbourhood 😊
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Consumer watchdog launches legal action against Thermomix
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