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13 June 2017
I want to recommend two products to you. I use these here and as they're not in the mainstream of consumer products, I thought some of you may be interested in them.  I have no affiliation with Slipgard or Clover.

Many of you might remember we renovated our bathroom last year and instead of a regular shower enclosure, we installed a walk-in shower with tiled floor and a glass screen. It's been a real pleasure to shower in there but it had one draw back for both of us. We felt we might slip on the tiles in the shower when they were wet. We used an anti-slip tile to the Australian standard but they felt slippery. We bought an anti-slip mat but it absorbed and held water and eventually it became a slip hazard too.  I couldn't find anything in our local hardware stores or paint shop but online I found an Australian product called Slipgard  We purchased a pack for $69 which included the Slipgard and a bottle of Tile Power, which cleaned and prepared the tiles.

Hanno applied two coats of Slipgard, it took minutes to dry, there were no fumes, it's environmentally sound and the tiles look the same. We've been using it for a week and the floor feels very safe now. Even when wet, it's not slippery and we can move around with ease. We also did the tiles at the front door, they too now have a good grip, even when wet.  Slipgard is guaranteed for 5 years. It's a really good product that I've never seen advertised anywhere.

My next product is an excellent thimble from Clover. I'm sure many of my patchworking friends would know this thimble. It's got a metal tip with a silicone cup which fits over the finger comfortably. You can use it for hours with your hand stitching. It's much better than any other thimble I've ever used.  I bought mine from my local patchwork shop, The Patchwork Angel.


  1. How timely. My dear mother-in-law is in hospital with a broken hip from a bathroom fall. We have been doing some painting and decorating at her place whilst she has been in rehab and I have been eyeing off the bathroom wondering how I can add some safety value to it.....now I know. Exactly what I needed.

    1. I'm sure your MIL will feel safer once you've painted her bathroom tiles, Phil. What a great gift you're giving her. I hope she has a fast recovery.

  2. Thank you so much for the Slipgard recommendation. I've never seen anything like that.

    My mother worked in the garment industry before she got married, at which time she became a shopkeeper with my father. However, she had a thing about thimbles, and used, and would only use, an open-ended thimble. She lectured me about this when I was learning to sew, saying that you were supposed to be pushing with the side of the thimble, and not the end. Of course most of the world uses closed-end thimbles, and so do I, never having developed the knack she had.

    1. Hello Iris. The Clover thimble has a few indentations on the side so that you could push from the side if you wanted to. Like you, I push from the top but do a side push occasionally. :- )

  3. So glad you like your thimble we love Clover products here at the Patchwork Angel.


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