War on Waste radio program and podcast

4 June 2017
I thought I was fairly up to date on the growing waste issue in the world but a three part ABC TV program called War on Waste showed me that it's a much bigger disaster than I ever imagined. The last of the TV shows aired yesterday so I was really pleased and grateful to receive an email from a friend at the ABC (thanks Andrew) telling me about a continuing conversation about the growing problem on an ABC podcast.

The show is hosted by Craig Reucassel and the wonderful Wendy Harmer, and will continue to cover many of the issues started by the TV show. You can listen online or download the podcast.  This service is available for our international readers too.  

Did you know that disposable coffee cups aren't recycled?  I didn't know that clothes shopping had become such a huge problem - that's all covered in episode 3.  Watching a group of girls shop for clothes (almost a daily activity) and listening to the stats associated with fashion waste shocked and upset me. We are all responsible for the products we buy and the waste materials that come from those products.  I'll be listening to these radio programs hoping to learn as much as I can so I can make changes here.  We all need to be in this, step up, take responsibility and put our own sensible plans in place. All of us need to do this in our own homes because we're almost at the point of no return.

If you're in Australia, you can watch the three TV shows on iView, then continue with the podcasts. These can be listened to online or you can download the podcast. Let me know what you think of the program and if it's made you change your buying habits and what you do at home.