18 November 2016

Weekend reading

Lasagne, one of our home cooked meals during the week.

It's been a funny week. I felt busy but when I look around, not much has been done. Still, there's no rush, any work that needs doing will still be here tomorrow. I'll have to get a wriggle on though if I want to sew Christmas gifts.  I hope you're well organised for the holidays ahead, if not, you can start with me next week.  😀

Beginner's guide to chicken coops
The 1910 Bottling Company
What happened to the walled garden way of producing food, using only renewable energy?
3 Non-Toxic Tips for Ridding Your Home of Roaches
What's a 'chuggypig'​?​



  1. That good manners article needs to be read by the politicians here! ;)

  2. Way behind where I wanted to be with preparing for the holidays, but it can't be helped--have been in 'survival mode' for the last month or so. Plan-wise I'm in good shape, just need to actually complete the plan! :)

  3. The article on walled garden was fascinating! Thank you!

  4. Good morning Rhonda, thanks for all the weekend reading, I love the name of the chook house in the first link- "The Egg Plant". Very clever. And I am enjoying the blog "Home Joys". Have a wonderful week. Fi

  5. What a great round up of clever sites. I've bookmarked two of them. Thanks as always.


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