Amazing Grace

3 November 2016
Gracie had her first grooming session on Tuesday. The groomer said she is too young to be properly stripped but she had a fair amount of hair removed and she seems to be happier now that her thick coat has gone.

She has weed seeds all over her here. They're sticky and hard to pick off. She's now got the beginnings of the authentic Scottish Terrier look with the eyebrows standing up, a beard, smooth back and a long skirt. She looks so pretty!

The next time she is groomed, when she's a few months older, she'll be stripped and shaped into the familiar Scottie squareness. By then her ears will be standing up too. They still flop down now but I think that has a bit to do with the amount of hair on her ears. We'll be in Brisbane today so she'll have to be on her best behaviour. She'll have a couple of runs in a park and I'll pack her lunch of chicken and a container of water so I'm sure she'll enjoy her outing.