4 November 2016

Weekend reading

It's been a busy week here so now I'm looking forward to the weekend and a slower pace of life.  Next week should be filled with sewing and knitting and I'm really looking forward to that.  

Thanks for your visits this week and for the comments you leave. They always inspire me to keep writing.  I hope you have a lovely weekend. I'll see you again next week.   🐾

= = = ♥︎ = = =

There's a big difference between those who realise they're winging it, and those who don't
10 Cooking Tricks That Changed Everything for Us
Long lens: a century of American life – in pictures
Lemon and almond ricotta biscuits



  1. I hope you have a lovely weekend too Rhonda.

  2. Thanks for these great links! I am going to save the RAG RUG one for a 2017 ongoing project. And I love the 'Winging It' link - and the other 'Winging It' link within that one! Hope your weekend is lovely. x

  3. Gardening and sewing for me next week also Rhonda. I hope you have a relaxed weekend. I crave that more and more as I get older :-)

  4. Oh I laughed at the "10 things you only have to do once a year." I have a junk basket, A pin-up board with another basket under it for tape and stationary things, an old wooden box at the front door designed for car keys and wallets. They were each put in place to serve a particular purpose.....but broken toys, odd pens, marbels, dominos, rocks, and all kinds of random bits and bobs all just seem to congregate there....oh well! ;)

    hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Thank you for including my post in your weekend reading! I'm always humbled and honored to be included in your worthy reads. Thank you for the encouragement. Hope you enjoy your sewing and knitting!


  6. Your "winging it" link was interesting. As someone in the United States who is voting in this election, my feeling is that we don't have any good choices for president and it comes down to voting for the lesser of the evils so to speak. It's sad and terrifying at the same time.


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