We are surviving ... so far

29 February 2016
I'm sitting here in our hotel room 22 floors up. We can't hear any outside noise, it feels like a bit of a tomb. Hanno is fast asleep in the lounge chair. I have a load of washing in the machine.  This has been a really difficult day. We had a lot of places to visit, starting at the ABC at 8.30pm, then a magazine interview, a few book shops, then finished up at the Dymocks Building for a podcast and another book signing.  There are some wonderful book shops out there. Thanks to all the people I met today, I really appreciate your support.

 Breakfast on the road in Ballina yesterday morning.

 ABC studio in Ultimo.
Hanno checking the itinerary in the Radio National studio.
 Again, at the ABC studio.
 At Glee Books in Glebe.
That's me on the phone at the end table. We'd just left Glee Books and were heading to Newtown.

And now?  Well this is Hanno asleep in the lounge chair and when the washing is finished, I'll be having a shower and in bed. And no, I don't care that it's only 4pm. This is tough.  :- )

Things will improve tomorrow because we're out of the biggest city and into the smaller ones and country towns. Tomorrow we're off to Wollongong, and the following day, Canberra and Albury. If you're close by, I hope we see you. So far, we are surviving. :- ) Thanks for your wonderful comments, it's like having a little bit of home while we're out in the wide world.