27 February 2016

On the road again, almost

Finally, we're almost ready to go. We posted out the book orders yesterday and we'll be packing and cleaning up today. Hanno has the unenviable task of trying to pack the car with everything we need  to take with us. We have our food and drinks Esky, clothes and shoes, a box of books, my laptop and ipad (so I can read my Kindle books), camera, music on our phones, a couple of bags of clothes going from Jamie to his cousin Johnathan and, of course, my knitting. The house sitters arrive this afternoon, I'll do a tidy up then too, we'll go to bed early and be up before the birds tomorrow for the 1000km drive to Sydney. I can hardly wait, there is nothing better than a road trip holiday.

The added bonus for us is that in many towns we'll be visiting, people will be waiting for us. I'm so looking forward to meeting everyone. And for all those who are too far away or too busy to come to one of the signings or events, I'll take photos all the way so you can see what we get up to. :- )  Yes! the Down to Earth travel journal. I'm not sure when I can post, I hope to do it every day, even if it's just a photo or two. My sincere thanks to everyone who sent us a comment or note about the trip. We feel the warmth of our community and I'm very grateful for it. And now I'd better get a wriggle on and start packing. I'll see you all on the road!  ♥︎
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