Luxuriating in isolation

8 February 2016
I love living within the confines of my home and after closing the gate to luxuriate in the isolation I often stay here for days, and sometimes weeks, without going out. I find contentment in my household patterns, the regimen of chores done hundreds of times before, the discipline of organisation and the rare freedom of being in control of my own life. Some people don't understand why I live as I do but I doubt it needs to be understood, it just is.

Even though I prefer isolation, I am interested in what's happening in the wider world. Writing my blog and reading the comments many of you write keeps me interested. I love it when someone new comes along and when there is a comment from a reader who has been visiting me for years. When I click on your names and go to your blogs I read about new babies, I see people moving house or renovating old homes, I find new recipes and ideas to try. I see how diverse and similar we all are. Slowly I build up a mental picture of my visitors and every new comment adds another piece to the puzzle. My blog reminds me that although I might have isolated myself, I am not alone. That keeps me going sometimes, that and the enjoyment I get out of helping provide a good life here for the two of us. It doesn't take much to stay interested in life if you're interested in people.

I am mindful that for me, isolation must always be balanced by sociability and friendship. Being out of my comfort zone helps me see new perspectives and it stops me from becoming an old fuddy-duddy. I'm looking forward to going on a book tour soon. I was working on booking our accommodation yesterday. What a palaver! I haven't finished yet but I should get through it this morning. I'll put up the itinerary soon but in a nutshell we're going to Wollongong, Canberra, Albury, Wangaratta, Echuca, Bendigo, and even to Tasmania this time. There are more places in western New South Wales and along the coast. I'll let you know the places and dates very soon and I hope I can meet you during the tour.

Just a reminder that Penguin have temporarily dropped the ebook price of Down to Earth to $4.99 from now till 24 February. We were talking about this on the forum yesterday and I was really pleased to discover that you can order the ebook now at the low price and specify a delivery date for later in the year.  I tell you that because you may like to buy the ebook as a birthday or Christmas gift and I think $5 for a book is pretty good value.

Today I'll be doing my normal Monday tasks and ironing. I have a small mountain of ironing I want to get through before we go away and the only way I'll do that is to stay there until it's done. I'm not the greatest fan of ironing but I love using my French press and having piles of freshly pressed clothes and household linens to put away. When I do that it feels like I'm taking care of us.

I hope you have a lovely week ahead. Take care everyone. ♥︎