29 May 2015

Weekend reading

It's planting and gardening time for many of us. I hope all the gardeners who are planting now have a great season. It's always an exciting time choosing what to grow and experimenting with various seeds.  Good luck and happy gardening!

Thanks for your visits and comments this week. They keep me going, even when I don't think I have the time to blog.  Enjoy your weekend. I'll see you again next week. :- )

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Beautiful baby quilt tutorial
How to block a hat - knitting on You Tube
Dixi cup lights
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Poachers killed half Mozambique's elephants in five years
I have become boring. And happy.
Quilters ironing board DIY
How to make blackboard/chalkboard paint
44 art studios
Cut and come again harvesting - You Tube


  1. Thanks as always for finding and posting these interesting weekend reading.......no time today to look at them but it's always good to know there'll be something interesting to dip into at some time when
    I sit with a cuppa.

    I've been picking bok choy and kale every day, love this time of the year in the garden. I've only planted leafy greens here as I don't want to leave potatoes etc in the ground, but how's this for kindness......the property I'm buying is a deceased estate, and the executor (who lives close by) has been popping seeds in the garden when he plants anything .....so there'll be potatoes, cabbages, broad beans and lots of other veggies waiting for me. Good people! Enjoy your weekend Rhonda.

  2. I love these weekend reading links! I'm settling in for a quick read now before the children start stirring.

  3. My word you are up early!

    I have not had a lot of time to read anything other than assignment and work materials this week but your eclectic list looks rather intriguing so I shall start at the top and see how I go.

    Keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Here in Idaho I get the weekend reading list on Thursday, pause to be shocked at how fast time flies, and read a few today, a few tomorrow and so on. Look forward to it every weekend - Thanks and hope your weekend is lovely!

  5. Rhonda! Blackboard paint, just in time for a project that I have in mind.
    After a few very hot months and a very very dry season, the rains are finally here!! So glad we made the decision to get another water tank 2 or so years ago. It does seem to be progressively getting worst, even though we may have an ease now and then.
    Have a great weekend.
    Trinidad & Tobago

  6. Hi Rhonda - I have been reading your blog for a few weeks but already it is changing areas in my life and bringing me joy! thankyou xx Tell me - what are you planting now? Do you raise your seeds in one of those seed raising boxes with a clear top and vents? I would love someone to tell me how many of what they are sowing each week - so I appreciate you saying that you are sowing! Love your very sensible thoughts and love my washing powder from your recipe xx Lyndy

    1. Hi Lyndy and welcome. You'll have to tell me where you live and what your climate is like. Also, what do you eat?

    2. morning! I live near you - in Caloundra, we eat the usual things available at the supermarkets but are willing to try new things. I guess its a matter of drawing up columns of the seasons, going through the seed catalogue (l have green harvests) then writing the plants I want to grow in the columns. I have to sow less seeds though - my problem is sowing way to many directly into my garden at once then haven't got the heart to thin them and they don't transplant well either. I bought a seed raising box with a domed Perspex lid, that way I can't sow too many and they should transplant better as the roots will be contained. I searched through your archives and got great info - thanks - have a lovely day <3

  7. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing my blog on your weekly reading list!! I am just in love with your site, so enjoying your style :) If you keep seeing SewPsyched come up in your stats, it's just me stopping by to read some more great stuff!! XX! Have a lovely day!

  8. Thanks, as always, for your links to interesting things. I wonder if you would be able to fix the one for "I have become boring. And Happy"? Sounds like one I'd really be interested in. lol.


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