19 October 2012

Weekend reading

Teaching manners to the young faithful

Food prices rising in UK

Greedy for Colour - a lovely blog I'm sure you'll enjoy

Meal planning and the pantry principle

Thanksgiving table runner to make

How to cook perfect hash browns

Dutch Sisters


Deb's Daily Journal


Dancing Speargrass


It's been a busy week here with Hanno able to drive again and the first workshops behind us now. The newest member of our family, Johnathan, came home from hospital with his mum and dad, Laura and Danny. He's a happy and contented baby who sleeps well - surely a joy for most parents.

Thank you for visiting me during the week. I'm looking forward to a mixture of relaxation, knitting and tidying up our spare room over the next two days. I hope you enjoy your weekend and spend it doing what you love.  



  1. The post 'Meal planning and the pantry principle' is wonderful, thank you. I have been struggling with meal planning for many moons, now. (And by struggle, I mean do it for a week every once in a while, then give up, forget, etc). That article made me realize that meal planning doesn't have to be so involved. Her method of the pantry principle is right on track with the way my life is right now- I just needed someone to show me. :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend you have planned Rhonda :-)

  3. Enjoy your weekend.... I just learned to crochet... Looking forward to a bit of that! X x

  4. Have a nice weekend Grandma. I love your reading weekends a chance to discover more interesting blogs. B

  5. Enjoyed the meal plan link, similar in some ways to what I do but different in others.
    I meal plan, sometimes more then a month ahead. I shop at most every week (we're not milking at the moment so we go to town for milk !) Most of the lunches and dinners I prepare are tried and true and come from what I have on hand, we have very little waste but I set the menu very much with this in mind. Tonights mashed spud leftovers will top the cottage pie tomorrow night, salads will be made to carry over for two nights or will be sandwich fillings the next day. One meal a week is a 'use up anything in the fridge meal' this may be a stew, pie or cheese topped baked thingy with left over salad (you can mix almost anything and it tastes good topped with cheese or sour cream lol). I find I waste much, much more if I don't plan way ahead and being so far from town I like to make sure I'll have everything I need for at least a week but I try for two. When the cows calve (6 months away) we'll go back to monthly or two monthly shops (I can't wait, I love staying home!) and will be aiming at extending that to every six months.

  6. I've spent the last two days reading your blog. I still haven't read the whole lot, but I'm formulating an awesome game plan for getting the debt paid off! I've been living a pretty simple life for the past 7 years, but I'm devoted to doing even more - and valuing my own contribution to my family. Thanks for the awesome blog, and enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the reading material.

  7. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, love the name.

  8. Thank you for Greedy for Colour. I am inspired.

  9. Welcome to the newest member of your family! Just wanted to say, I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now and never fail to be inspired by your writing. I count myself very lucky that I discovered this simple way of living in my late 40's and didn't have to wait until retirement. It brings such peace to my heart knowing that I am providing a warm, happy home for my family, a garden that is productive in so many ways and family memories to treasure. You, Rhonda, were the inspiration .... a thousand thanks and more

    1. Thank you Lillibet. Yes, this lifestyle suits most people, and I think the earlier you start, the better. All the best, Rhonda.

  10. Hi Rhonda. Congrats on the new little one. Isn't it marvelous to have a new child in the family? I have begun to use the soap I made using your recipe. It's fabulous! I shared some with my mother and one of my sisters. If they like it, I'll be the family soap maker, at least until one of them decides to try making it, too. It's fun and easy to make, and I like it much better than the Irish Spring my fellas use. I was interested in using essential oils in it, but it really doesn't need it.It's perfect the way it is. It even lasts longer than the handmade soap I've purchased in the past. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'm so glad I tried it.
    I hope Hanno is feeling a lot better. He must be going a little stir-crazy by now! Enjoy your time at home!


    1. Thanks Dee. I'm pleased the soap is working well in your family. It seems to suit all skin types from the very sensitive to the well seasoned. While you can add essential oils, it doesn't need it and it increases the cost of making it. Hanno is getting back to normal. He's still having OT and he has to see the surgeon again but things are going well, thank you.

  11. Hi Rhonda,
    I have finally worked out how to comment on this site, with the help of a 23 year old son! I'm definitely a digital immigrant... but have enjoyed reading your blogs.
    I have started uncluttering parts of my house and had this huge box of "maybe I'll need them one day" teaching resources/information/papers in my lounge room. After a brief look through to save anything vital, I just carried the whole lot outside and put it the wheelie bin. And haven't missed a thing! I'm eyeing off the next lot now...
    I'm glad Hanno's hand is improving all the time,

  12. "Down To Earth" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.


  13. Thank you so much for including me in your 'comments of the week' section. I love reading your musings and 'drop by' a few times each week.


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