27 October 2012

Beautiful gifts

On Thursday, I stepped down from my role as secretary of the Maleny Neighbourhood Centre. I left as a volunteer when Hanno had his accident. It was a good AGM, with a new group of eager community people to step up and take over. I felt sad to leave but relieved as well. I've been there for six years and have a place in my heart for the Centre that I know will be there until I die. But it's time to do other things and to let new life thrive there, just like I did.

I was presented with a gift, and after many hugs and good wishes, I left for the last time, slightly saddened it was over but oh so grateful I had the chance to work there. That placed changed me for the better. I opened my gift when I came home and found an absolutely beautiful hand-worked copper punch ladle and metal spoon. The spoon handle is the shape of a gum (eucalyptus) leaf. When I looked at the small labels attached, they were by Barry Smith, the president of the Centre! Barry never fails to amaze me. He is an ex-public servant who, with his wife Fiona Dempster, are now artists and have "retired" to Maleny where they work for and in their community and do an ever decreasing amount of consulting work.

I checked out Barry's website and it is the reason I'm writing this post. He has a shop there with the most wonderful handmade objects for sale at VERY good prices. Too good. If you're looking for an original and beautiful gift for someone this Christmas, I can recommend Barry and his work to you. It's textural and exquisite and the first time I picked up my ladle, it felt like the cover of my book. I'm so pleased I know about his shop because when I buy gifts now, I like them to be unique and worth buying. Barry is using recycled materials in the most beautiful way - I particularly like Daily Words 4 and Simple Silver Bowl and I know two people who would love them.  Have a look and see what you think.



  1. What a lovely gift. It is sad when you leave things behind, but like you said, the memories are still there

  2. Rhonda, that is such a beautiful gift. You have done some good work at the centre and I'm sure you will be missed. The time comes eventually, however, to move on and let someone else take over.

  3. A very beautiful heart felt gift. Such talent!! You must have so many wonderful memories to look back on with a smile.

  4. What beautiful, thoughtful gifts and what exquisite workmanship. I know you will enjoy treasuring the memories and friendships they evoke each time you use them.

  5. Oh they are indeed original and beautiful. B

  6. These are both very thoughtful, and beautiful gifts. What a very kind and generous way to say thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I know from your posts you made a very big difference in the lives of many through your work at the centre. It is very obvious in both this post and posts of the past what a special place the centre has in your heart. Hugs :)

  7. When you shut one door, another opens. Life opens and closes doors, Rhonda.
    The gifts are truly beautiful and stunning. What a wonderful way to say "Thank You".
    I wish blessings upon you and Hanno and for opening a new door.

  8. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. I know you will enjoy and appreciate them for years to come.

    It's sad when things change sometimes, but I can understand the relief too.

    Enjoy your time at home creating and living your wonderfully efficient and simple, peaceful life with Hanno.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. Absolutely beautiful and very well deserved! Just bought my sister a birthday gift of handcrafted leaves. Thanks for sharing the link! Wishing you a peaceful Sunday

  10. Oops! Forgot to sign off! Puccetta in Sydney :)

  11. Hi Rhonda...Handing over to someone else can be bittersweet.Your gifts are beautiful...your work is obviously appreciated at the centre.
    I'm 70 and this year I handed over the organizing of our Annual Kris Kringle Family Get-together to my children aged 40 to 49. I told them I'd done my 20 odd years and it was time for new input and ideas. Bittersweet!!!
    Our family do hand made,garage sales and charity shop shopping for our presents..lots of fun. Barb

  12. That ladle is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing his website! I couldn't resist getting myself an early xmas present! It's so rare to find such unique, beautiful and ecologically sound art at such amazing prices!


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