5 October 2012

Weekend reading

Living with the Amish - this link will probably only work for Australian readers due to the copyright laws. If you have a spare hour, watch this very powerful and inspiring program. For me it was as much about acceptance and love as it was about the practical side of Amish life. Link expires at the end of the month. The series continues each week on SBS.

Appreciating hard work at a Two Frog Home

Some great sewing and refashioning tutorials at Made by Me

Buying local food

Steiner resources for teachers and homeschoolers

DIY food

Make you own liquid fertiliser


Becky at Life for Us

Living simply in Montana

Sami's Colourful world

It's been another busy week here and now we're looking forward to a quiet weekend. I hope you will enjoy the same.  See you next week.  



  1. I have been watching ' Living with the Amiash' and enjoying it very much I like the people on it they are open and friendly

  2. I watched Living with the Amish when it showed over here in England - it was fascinating!

    It was so interesting to me to see homes similar to those that my pen pals live in!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog and thank you to all that came for a visit - twas quite the shock to see so many on my little World that spins in my right hand column. :) Enjoy your weekend one and all.

  4. I'm honored to be included in your list, Rhonda. I always like taking a peek at the links you come up with each week. There are so many interesting people and topics out there. I don't know how you choose!

    I bet I'd really enjoy that program on the Amish. I've devoured all the books and films on the Amish that I can get my hands on. You are so right that it is the love and acceptance and the sense of community that I find so utterly captivating (and so frequently lacking in our hectic modern world), though I also am inclined to admire the work ethic and mode as well.

    A great weekend to you!

    1. You're welcome, you are both building a wonderful life over there. I really admired their commitment to hard work too. I'll be writing about it next week.

  5. I loved the Living With the Amish program. As a person who has a deficit in all things practical, I have that show bookmarked now. I love the practical side to the Amish living. :)

  6. Thanks for the link to Living with the Amish. I totally forgot about it Wednesday night. I watched the prior series when a few Amish went to the UK for a month but I prefer to see the programme on their lives.


  7. hi.
    TANX för reminding med of the amish people!
    i found a lot and i wrote about it in my blog.
    tanx again!

  8. i so enjoyed watching how the Amish people live what night and time is it on the SBS please.? xx

  9. Good Morning Rhonda, thank you so much for posting the photo of Tricia's quilt, I thought it would be special and wonderful and it is. Thanks and congratulations to Tricia also. Grandparenting can be a delicate exercise but oh the joy it brings. Sorry this comment is a little late my internet has had a mind of its own this week. Enjoy your weekend, so glad Hanno's injury is healing well, regards to him.

  10. lovely post and lovely your forum as well

  11. Loved the episode, will remember to set to tape this week.............

  12. Thanks again for the weekend reading. It's a shame I can't see the Amish video (I did try).
    The other links are so interesting (as usual).
    Thank you

  13. Dear Rhonda,
    I haven't been able to access "Living with the Amish" Hopefully it will be available in the USA along with your book. I have Amish friends and they are wonderful people, and I am constantly amazed at the many, many things they know how to do (like you)! I love to go to my Amish friend Katie's greenhouse for seeds and plants, then across the road to the produce stand where the Amish women sell everything from shoefly pies, to homemade potato chips, to fruits and vegetables. After that I go to an organic farm for cheese, butter, milk, etc. I write down what I buy and leave the money on the honor system. Next I stop nearby at the little bulk grocery to stock up. The prices are so much cheaper than in the big grocery stores. I also have an Amish friend who has an amazing health food store and also does Reflexology and Massage. I live in a very rural, backwoods area so it is such fun to take the morning or afternoon and go visit and shop this way. I end up with good food and save money too.

  14. Have a great weekend to you too lovely lady! Living with the Amish is a very interesting watch and there is a lot to learn from the simplicity and the hard work.

  15. What is so interesting about that show is that so many of the British teenagers the Amish meet, are inspired by some of their living principles, but seem to be at a loss to know how to start (and similarly, for the Amish, who wanted to know a little bit more about the world around them). Hopefully shows like this will bring a wider consciousness about the importance of making opportunities for teenagers to learn simple living principles. I'm looking forward to next week, with the 'barn raising' (in a single day!)


  16. I have discovered that it is also available on Youtube as full episodes for those who have trouble accessing it on SBS. You just need to type in ' Living with the Amish' and select what episode you would like to watch.


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