Today in Melbourne

28 February 2012
Sorry I've been so slow in getting this information to you but it's been very busy here. Today we'll be here:

1:30pm Dymocks Melbourne, Lower Ground, 234 Collins Street, Melbourne

3:30pm Readings Carlton 309 Lygon Street, Carlton


11:00am  Book City Ballarat, 222 Sturt Street, Ballarat

1:00pm Stoneman’s Book Castlemaine, 101 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine

2:30pm Collins Bendigo, Shop 9 - 10 Fountain Court, Bendigo 


9:00am  Dymocks Albury, Shop 3, 557 Dean St, Albury 

4:00pm Paperchain, 34 Franklin Street, Manuka Canberra


12 noon: Books Plus, 157 Howick St, Bathurst

WEDNESDAY - 14 March

6:00pm  ROSETTA BOOKS, 30 Maple Street, Maleny   
Please come along if you can, we'd love to meet you.

We're not able to come to Wollongong, I'm sorry. After Canberra we go west again.

Everything is going well. Last night we had dinner with my adorable editor and friend, Jo, and her husband Eli. I hope to have the time to do an update post tonight. 


  1. You have such a busy schedule! I hope you can find some time to recharge in there too.

    Looking forward to meeting you on thursday!

  2. Nice to see you do have a great time Rhonda!

  3. Go Rhonda! On a very different speed, I'll drop that wool off at the Neighbourhood Centre this Friday for you. Have fun on your road trip and I hope you sell lots and lots of books.

  4. How are you both holding up? This must be very exciting and I know you are happy to get the word out about this better lifestyle. Yet it must be so tiring to be out and about so much among so many people. You must miss your veranda and a cup of tea together just watching the crooks! :) Those days will be soon again but until then take care and enjoy every moment. Sarah

  5. I am looking forward to buying your book Rhonda. All the very best, you are an inspiration. Kind regards, Ann

  6. Great to hear you're having a great time. I hope it won't be too busy ? I'm sure many peoplem want to meet you. I would too if I lived closerby ; )
    Hugs from The Netherlands.
    Another Dutch Monique.

  7. :( about not coming to WollOngong !! Why not ?? Was so looking forward in meeting you and having my book signed !

  8. can u tell me when, where and if u will be in Brisbane in the near future. Would love to come and say Hello.

    Watery Fowls.

  9. Really hoping like crazy that nothing comes up and I can meet you in Bendigo on Thursday. I have followed you since the 'beginning"


  10. Hi Rhonda,

    Just wanted to let you know that your book is selling well here in the ABC Shop Wollongong!! Shame you can no longer come to Wollongong, we'd love to have you here next time you're in town!

    Jasmine & Lisa

  11. Hoping it is all going well Rhonda and that you are enjoying meeting all those that have been inspired by you....x Suzanne

  12. Not making it to Turning Page on Friday? That's such a shame as I only heard about the Gleebooks event on the day. Sorry to miss you. Eliza

  13. Eliza, no, we're not going back to the Turning Page. We're going from Bathurst to home.

    Hi Liz, looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.

    Susan, I'm not sure about Brisbane right now. I'll be there at some point and will let you know when.

    Anon, there was no book shop in Wollongong interested in having us so the publicist is sending us from Canberra to Bathurst. Sorry.

    Thanks Sonya,

    We're bearing up well. Just finished a full day of interviews - about 10 I think, and tomorrow we head out of Melbourne.

  14. Are you having fun, Rhonda? It sure sounds like a lot of fun. I'm tossing up whether to get my very good friend who lives in Canberra to come down on Thursday afternoon and get a book for me - I know she's a busy girl though - works for aqis.
    Looking forward to reading all about your trip.

  15. Hi Rhonda!

    I finish work at 2.30 tomorrow and work about 2 minutes walk from the book shop so will definitely rush over when my shift finishes! It's a shame Katie will be at work and won't make it, but I'm so looking forward to meeting you!

    Reuben :)

  16. Wow Rhonda, you sound so busy! I'm sorry I missed you in Melbourne today, but there was no way it would work with 3-year-old Kinder drop off and pick up. I hope you have some good down time factored in to your schedule, and that you're getting the chance to do some knitting!! Enjoy your travels through this vast and varied land that we live in :-)


  17. OH NO!!! I'm reading this post way too late! I was in the city today too I'd have LOVED to have seen you! Argh. xoxo

  18. Hi Rhonda.

    I went to dymocks today, but they said that there wasn't anything happening. Was so excited to meet you. I guess it wasn't to be.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour!


  19. Disappointed you won't be coming to Wollongong - those booksellers need to have their heads read! Bought your book anyway the other day. A great resource - I can imagine giving it to my kids to read when the time comes.

  20. Got my book in the post yesterday - happily devouring it. It is a beautifully done book in content and "feel".
    Hope you both are doing OK on this trip.
    Come home safely.

  21. Goodness, that is such a busy schedule! It must be like being back in your professional role again. An exciting time but I expect you will be glad to return home and pick up your gentler way of life once more. Enjoy the rest of your book signings!

  22. Congratulations! I hope you are having a wonderful time. I'm sure it's exhausting...if I could fly over to meet you I would!

  23. Hi Rhonda, I have already purchased your book but can I bring it down to Paperchains in Canberra to have it signed even though it wasn't purchased there?

  24. I hadn't checked your blog for a while and when I popped in on sunday morning i saw your book, it is beautiful I went and bought it straight away!
    I love it and am already 1/3 way through :)
    It is full of fantastic info and I am already planning some changes we can make around our home.
    Congratulations and i hope the road trip goes well.

  25. OK it is time for a Midwest American tour!

  26. Thankyou Rhonda & Hanno for the lovely meet up @ Collins today in Bendigo. The book is fantastic Rhonda....all that I expected and MORE. I wish you both safe travels as you continue on your tour


  27. I am looking forward to meeting you in Canberra. I hope you have brought your brollie or perhaps your snorkel as we are under a severe weather alert for heavy rain and flash flooding. I wish you a safe journey, especially in this relentless weather.


  28. Hoping your journey is full of fun and adventure as well as a little bit of downtime. I have followed your blog since the begining and it has been my little bit of simplicity on the internet. It also inspired me to start my own blog which I enjoy so much! Thank you!

  29. I missed you at Ballarat after turning up today not yesterday:(...Had the little man all rugged upagainst the shocking weather we had put on for you and all! So sorry I never got to meet you...I did try...ahhhhh...Well feel glad your book is out though ad will enjoy reading that!

  30. what a shame, cupcakes. I hope you enjoy the book.

  31. Wonderful to meet you and Hanno in Canberra today! (I was the one who madly dragged my two toddlers and their "kitty" in through the rain storm.) Thank you so much for doing the tour, I know it must be tiring, but it was really nice to meet you face to face.

    The book looks amazing, I'm going to start in as soon as the kids are tucked in for the night. It's so thick and with so much information! I hope I can buy two copies of the twentieth anniversary edition for when my girls move out of home ;)

  32. Hope you guys are traveling ok in all the torential rain?
    x Chrissy NSW

  33. Dear Rhonda,
    I got your book two days back- from Readings. I wasn't expecting it till early March so I was so surprised and thrilled! It looks so great! I love the matt cover and flipped through the books and enjoyed the pictures immensely. I have been so busy these few days that I've not had time to read it. But I will this weekend. Also I have promised my friends at our Uni I will lend it to them. Hope I can introduce this simple life to some of my friends too. Great going Rhonda!
    Take care

  34. Wishing you both safe and happy travels home again after a very busy fortnight. Close that gate tight, put the kettle on and enjoy your lovely home.
    Love from Sue/coffeee

  35. Hi Rhonda, I have been avidly following your for years. When asked to name my fifteen favourite blogs for a Versatile Blogger award, I had to include a link to yours.

    I obviously do not expect any response to this, but I did want you to know that your blog is greatly appreciated.

    Lots of strength for the rest of your trip.


  36. I missed you in Albury Rhonda. Arrived at Dymocks about 9.15 but could not stay as I had a dental appt in Wodonga. Dreadful weather. Long drive home as road was closed - took 11/2 hours instead of 30mins!
    I tried to get your book the day before but all sold out! What does that tell you!
    Have a safe journey home.

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