Publication date is unchanged

13 February 2012
I've had several emails from people saying that Fishpond have told them the book will be released later in the year. Some say April, some say July. I spoke with Penguin this afternoon and I want to assure you that the book will be published on Wednesday 22 February. Nothing has changed.

I would advise everyone who has received an email like this from Fishpond to email back asking what the problem is. And please let me know the outcome. Thanks.


  1. Thanks, Rhonda. I did cancel with Fishpond so will wait until they say they have the book available. They have always been prompt with orders in the past.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. I ordered through Fishpond and got the notice that it would be months before the book is released. I kept my order, though, so will pray it arrives soon after your Penguin publication date.

  3. O-Oh! My order is with Fishponds! They said despatch between the 5th Feb and the 15th when they took my Paypal payment! Hope they aren't going to make me wait forever! (In the UK and therefore had to order through one of the ones that would post overseas.)

  4. I also bought your book at Fishpond, but didn't recieve any email from them. I will keep you informed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I received the same message saying that the book was delayed and wouldn't be published until the 9th of August. Sounds like somebody is confused.

  6. Ahoy!
    The Fishpond web site has;

    Down to Earth
    By Rhonda Hertzel
    Hardback (AUS), February 2012

    Maybe there is a gemlin.
    Cap'n Dan
    The Whitsunday Coast Guardian

  7. I looked in the track your order section and mine says delivery between 22nd feb and 28th feb and the order has been sent to the warehouse for dispatch.

  8. Thanks Rhonda. I will give this info back to Fishpond and let you know the outcome.


  9. Hi Rhonda,
    I pre-ordered your book through Fishpond and I got an email saying it would not be published till July 2012 and then they gave me the opportunity to cancel my order. I did this as I am sure I will be able to pick your book up elsewhere. Vanessa

  10. This is what I've been trying to do too. We have six children, so started making my own laundry detergent about two years ago. Amazingly cheap!
    I've always shaved a bar of Sunlight Soap with a knife. Never thought of using Lux flakes. lol

    Looking forward to your book for more ideas! :-)



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