18 November 2011

On my mind ...

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Every so often I receive an email asking if a reader can send me something as a gesture of thanks for this blog. Nicky wrote just after my post on chooks to see if we'd like some fertile eggs to put under one of our broodies. We jumped at the chance. We said "yes please!" to six - three buff Orpingtons and three barred Plymouth Rocks. They arrived yesterday. So, this is a little teaser about what my Monday post will be. It's what is on my mind today and what I've been thinking about all week. Thank you Nicky! It is a beautiful gift.



  1. Rhonda, I am so envious of your fertile chicken eggs. We need to get a rooster so we can hatch our own again. I've been buying our chicks at the feed store, but hatching one's own is so much more satisfying. We raise both kinds of chickens that you were given eggs of, I enjoy those breeds. :)

    Thanksgiving is on my mind today. There is lots of cooking to do to prepare for the upcoming US holiday.


    Have a lovely weekend and thank you for doing "on my mind."

  2. Hello Rhonda! Imagine getting fertile eggs! Waiting to see the hatched chooks on Monday.
    On my mind today are the lovely bagels I made recently. Have a great weekend!


  3. That is really interesting, did they come in the mail? I can't wait to see the chicks.
    On my mind is the newest breed of dog....one no one has ever seen before:

  4. How exciting, those eggs look full of promise! Have fun hatching :)

    On my mind today is solar power: http://www.myecoventure.com/2011/11/17/solar-power-is-in-my-future/

  5. Plymoth Rocks are so beautiful. Good luck with the setting!!

  6. It's getting cold at night here in the UK so my Geraniums (Pelargoniums) have been on my mind today...


  7. What a fabulous present to receive! I've been meaning to research where to get Light Sussex eggs for ages but haven't got around to it yet. It's a good time of year for hatching eggs because it's nice and warm.

    On my mind is a present to my daughter.http://greenhavengoodlife.blogspot.com/2011/11/on-my-mind-famous-five.html

  8. Our Barred Plymouth Rock, Pudgy, is such a funny girl. She makes the weirdest noises and refuses to go to bed in the coop, instead choosing to go to sleep on the roof of the coop along with her friend the Gold Wyandotte. They complain every night when I scoop them up and pop them in with the others.
    Pudgy took ages before she started laying, but her eggs are a good size and now arrive as regular as clockwork.

  9. The first time I ever heard of Buff Orpingtons was in Elizabeth Goudge's "A City of Bells" and I can't hear of them without thinking of that lovely book. Good luck with your eggs!

  10. What a thoughtful and generous gift! I can't wait to see what happens of it!

    On my mind today is a little dinner party I am hosting tonight. http://bld-in-mt.blogspot.com/2011/11/on-my-mind-bunco-party.html

  11. Hi Rhonda - thanks for having us all over to play on 'Friday on My Mind'. Have a great weekend, and hugs to all x

  12. Very interesting..how does one send eggs? Will wait patiently for "the rest of the story" ...
    will be back with ON MY MIND post, as I haven't written in yet :(

  13. Oh wish I could be there when the Chickens hatch. Are we allowed to help name the new Chickies? I'm going to suggest the name CHEEKY...

  14. Frogdancer...I have a plymouth rock too, Juno, she's a buff, and yes, she makes the funniest of noises too, I call her my tourettes chicken.

    A great gift of fertile eggs Rhonda, I've been thinking of getting some, my littlest bantam would love to sit I think, but I don't want to end up with any roosters to find homes for. Do you have a plan if any of these are roosters, will you keep them? You're a little more rural then I am, I wouldn't be able to keep a rooster.

  15. love it!

    on my mind last week was an old baby dress with a couple of stains on it... check in today to see how I transformed it into a work of art

    plus you can also see my gorgeous girl wearing it

    thanks for such an inspiring blog

  16. Cheep! How exciting. :) What a lovely thought Nicky.

  17. I have two chooks sitting on eggs at the moment. Hopefully this weekend will see the arrival of some chicks - that is if George the Rooster is doing his job...vbg.

  18. ohhh how cute....little baby chicks....what a lovely gift for you.
    On my mind today is Christmas Decorations...making paper Snowflakes

  19. I hope the 'girls' take on their task, looking forward to what time will bring.
    On my mind this morning is knitting, yoga and meditation.

  20. We can't keep roosters either, Nanette. But I'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

  21. Home hatched chooks. Awesome. Bring it on.

    Today a cute little blue wren is driving me nuts. Tap Tap Tap

  22. Oooh, how exciting!

    Hope you are feeling rested and recovered from the heat Rhonda. Your blog post yesterday was beautiful.


    On my mind today:

  23. Hi Rhonda, on my mind today is an unexpected family wedding which we're all thrilled about!

  24. How lovely! My broody hatched 8 wee chicks last week - an utter joy! Good luck with yours.

    On my mind today is this...

  25. Good luck with your eggs Rhonda. We just lost a clutch in a freak storm that wet the eggs and drove the mother hen off the nest.

    On my mind today is my fitness and the rhythms of my life with a picture of me in my exercise clothes(aargh).

  26. How exciting Rhonda.

    We have fifteen two and a half week old chickies, they're so entertaining. I reckon if they can survive the 'yes, I'm being careful' play of the four year old, they'll be able to survive anything!

    Have a great day :)

  27. Driving through the rolling hills seeing the roadside stalls, made me think how lucky we are to have beautiful organic fruit so readily available.. and how lucky you are to be so self-sufficient.

    That's what's on my mind today -

  28. Wishing you 6 cute little hen chickens and no roosters!

  29. Good luck with those eggs...what fun and such a lovely gift to share!
    Today on my mind is just how quickly the twins and their big sister are growing....and how parenting can make me feel both young and old in the same day!

  30. On My Mind : Being Authentic with "My Life Purpose"
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~

  31. A most thoughtful gesture. Look forward to Monday's blog.

  32. wow, that sure beats what's arrived in our mail lately! ;)


  33. So jealous of anyone with their own chickens. Our town won't let us. On my mind? spider plant babies

  34. The gift of fertilised eggs was so thoughtful and it struck a serendipitous chord with my latest post in 'The Chook Nook'.


  35. Oooo I'm so envious! I'd love a little patch of dirt to watch some hatchings, run a few girls and grow a few veg ... in the mean time I'll enjoy vicariously here :~)


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