4 November 2011

On my mind ...

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here from your blog by saying you're part of "On my mind". Please write a new post, don't link to an older one. When you've done that, come back here and add a comment below, with a link to your blog.

Today I have berries on my mind. A generous friend gave me two youngberry plants during the week. The photo above is a spray of the not-quite-ripe berries. We're going to plant them in our orchard along the fence line. Youngberries grow well here and fruit in early summer. I usually make two types of jam during the year and hope youngberries will replace our strawberry jam in the future because we won't have to buy the fruit.

Thank you for your visits this week. It's always a joy for me to read your comments and to know there is a growing number of us, all over the world, slowing down and simplifying our lives.



  1. We are growing berries along our fence line too for the first time...raspberries and logan berries. yours look like little lollies, hope ours look the same!
    On my mind this week is 'Eggstra Energy' - at http://thelittleblackcowblog.blogspot.com

  2. Never heard of Youngberries. What are they a hybrid between.

    Feeling a tad sorry for myself as I can't get out to the garden. Fell over in the dark on Tuesday night and fractured my ankle. So now in plaster until just before Christmas and and presently confined to the upper floor of the house. Have access to the internet, tv, dvd's my books & notebooks, so managing to keep occupied so far. Howard is making me lunch and providing flasks of hot water for me to make tea, but I do feel confined to quarters.

    Especially miss just popping out to the garden to check on the raised beds and hens, or to say hello to the frogs in the pond. By the time I'm allowed out there two out of three of those things will be gone until Spring.

  3. Hi Rhonda,

    I haven't heard of youngberries. They look like a Mulberry. Are they good for eating straight off the tree?

    My Friday photo is a beautiful sunrise after last Sunday's storm.

    Happy Friday Jen

  4. I'm not familiar with youngberries, but I'll bet they're good! Are they similar to blackberries?
    On my mind today are, breakfast burritos!
    Have a great weekend everyone!


  5. We have berry season coming up in a few months. The girls and I like to go picking wild blackberries and we have them in muffins and with icecream.

  6. Hi Rhonda, i have never heard of youngberries, i wonder if you can get them here in the Northern Rivers, the wallabies were into my strawberries again this morning so before i grow any more berries i guess we need to get the fence going first! Good luck with growing yours, they look yummy.

    On my mind today is a photo that reminded me of postnatal depression and how it affects families...i'll be blogging about that later when i get a chance to write.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for all your info this week...going to give scones a try again over the weekend!

  7. I've never tasted a youngberry before and I never knew so many berries existed til I started reading blogs from nordic countries!
    cloudberries, lingonberries, rowanberries.
    If anyone is interested, here is an interesting post about cloudberries - I wonder if anyone grows them in Australia.

    Round my joint - my white shahtoot mulberries are beginning to ripen - very exciting - it's our first real crop.
    If anyone is interested in white mulberries - I have a photo here:

  8. Rhonda, I haven't commented very much recently, but I've been reading all along!
    I had no idea what youngberries were, and had to look it up. Very cool!
    ~Melanie in Canada

  9. Rhonda Jean, are youngberries the same thing as raspberries? Your plant looks exactly like the raspberry bushes I have here in the US. --Jaime

  10. I am on a Low Carb diet, so making these for halloween really hurt...


  11. On my mind is my daughter & her leadership friends leading their first Grade 11 chapel service at school....that it will draw others into knowing God rather than just knowing about God.

  12. I saw these bare-rooted at my local nursery and passed them by for a thornless blackberry instead. Looks delicious. My sewn Boom Box Cover is on my mind this Friday.


  13. Those are nice looking berries. I haven't heard of youngberries, but I love any kind of home-grown fruit. We have chokecherries growing wild on our farm.

    On my mind today (still Thursday in the USA!) are the peaceful early morning hours, and how getting off to a good start can set a lovely tone for the entire day.


  14. Hello everyone!

    Youngberries are a cross between blackberries and dewberries, they were first cultivated in Louisiana in the US.

    Jamie, they darken to purple-black when they're sweet and ripe. The lady who gave them to me said they're very prolific.
    Jode, they grow in temperate and subtropical areas, so they'd be fine there.
    freefalling, we have lingonberry jam in the cupboard. Its delicious.
    Jen and Denise - apparently they're great eating fresh from the vine but also in jams and pies and they freeze well.


    Blueshed, I'm sorry you're laid up with a broken ankle. I hope you have some good books there to read. Take care love.

  15. Rhonda, these berries look gorgeous. I've never heard of them so would love to know a little more about their flavour.
    I am playing along this week and thinking about getting out into the community.

  16. Those berries look delicious! On my mind are ANTS!http://theprofessorswife.blogspot.com/2011/11/thursdays-tip-from-green-housewife.html

  17. Hi Rhonda, the berries look intriguing. I'm imagining some good yoghurt ... :)

  18. Hi Rhonda, I love berries too. We have a small berry garden so far, with a few varieties....Instead of picking and eating them off the vine this year..I will pop each one in the freezer, then when the season is over, I should have enough to make a batch of muffins or top a pavlova.
    On my mind..is Left overs on Pizza & a Donut like dessert with a Chocolate centre.

  19. We've just planted raspberries, a jostaberry and a red gooseberry in our front garden. Can't wait!

    On my mind is what to do with a whole load of free bamboo...

  20. We have grown Dew Berries and also thornless Boysenberries for years. We love them. I have tried red raspberries several times but they die out after a couple of years. I even buy the ones for my area. I will try again though! :) It is always exciting to add a new fruit or veggie to our yards isn't it! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy hearing about any sort of garden thing you bring up! ...or housekeeping...or, or, or.... :) I too love being home. Sarah

  21. Hi Rhonda,
    I have heard of Young berries but not seen any. Our berries are confined to pots so we would never get enough to make a jam with them but the kid's still have fun picking the few that we do get.

    On my mind this week is adding botanicals to soap. all--in--the--family.blogspot.com

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  22. Hi Rhonda,
    I hope your berries grow well and provide you with plenty to make your jam. We used to go blackberry picking when we were kids, we ate more than what we brought home I am sure as we only had enough berries to make a couple of pies!
    I would like to plant some berry plants in my garden.
    I am playing along today; http://shabbeyshae.blogspot.com/2011/11/on-my-mind.html

  23. Lovely berries.
    On my mind today is that I am glad that we have finished painting the exterior of our house.

  24. Hi Rhonda, those berries look delicious. We are growing some, too, and can't wait until they ripen!

    On my mind today is Food that Nurtures:


    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  25. Which reminds me, next season I must get some berries in... I've been experimenting with Rose Petal Syrup today, maybe some rose jam is next!

  26. I've never tried Young berries but they look delicious. I did try rasberries one year and loved them. Unfortunately they tried to take over and had to come out. I should try them again in an old bath - at least they would be contained.

    Lots of things on my mind today Rhonda. VCE exams, a daughter who has just passed her Learners permit and can now drive - supervised...vbg and a swarm of bees.
    You can see what is on my mind here.....

    PS It was so much fun to join in this Photo feature again. I did miss it.

  27. Hi Rhonda, on my mind today is the doll I am sewing for a christmas present for my youngest daughter.
    We love berries too - we'd need a whole orchard full!!
    Love your blog, I read it all the time.

  28. Hi Rhonda,
    I am a Canadian girl completely infatuated with your blog, it's SO great.
    Today on my mind is PUMPKINS!

    Keep up all the great work you do, it's so great to wake up each day to read and watch your inspiring words!

  29. "plant them in our orchard along the fence line"

    absolutely lyrical...thank you for sharing your way of life and how you do it, i have been searching for this information

  30. I grew up in the 60's in Melbourne with Youngberries and Loganberries along wire fences that formed the fences of the chook run. That would be why they grew so well. Nan and I were always making jam. I can't remember them being too different to the blackberries. Yumm. Love the blog and comments. Lyn in Qld.

  31. I don't have any true berries in the garden at present, since I poisoned the blackberry I had. I do, however, have a healthy strawberry patch, and have also just planted 4 new blueberry bushes along my back fence. To top it all off, and thanks to you Rhonda, I purchased this afternoon an elderberry tree. The pictures and stories you tell of yours made me want one of my own for up the back :)

  32. I've learned somthing new today...youngberries!
    On my mind today is the fact that I'm soon handing over a gift I've been working on throughout October, http://thenextstage-maria.blogspot.com/2011/11/on-my-mindhanding-over-my-latest.html

  33. I love berries of any kind, but I've never heard of these. I wonder what they taste like.

    On my mind today are birdhouses.


  34. On my mind is vintage china

  35. Hello Everyone,
    Here is my entry for On my mind :)
    Hope you like it, I'm looking forward to reading through all your links with a nice cuppa.
    x x x


  36. Never heard of those berries before. I did like to pick wild strawberries as a kid.


  37. Hello Rhonda, I have just discovered your beautiful blog, I came here in search of "lemon butter", which a friend who recently was in Australia told me about. I was so thrilled to go through some of your posts, to learn about your thoughts and points of view. You are a brave woman and you're doing a wonderful job. I will come back as soon as I can, to read and learn more, maybe join the Forum and participate on your Fridays' "on my mind", you have so much to share, I wish I could give you something in return. Unfortunately my cooking blog is in Spanish, but if there's anything of your interest, please let me know. I've tried to introduce the Google Translator, but I had no success, it's on my pendings!. Well, this came out quite long, sorry, just wanted to tell you how happy I am to have found you and your blog. Best regards from Chile, Pamela

  38. Hi Rhonda, I can't wait for my berries to start fruiting this year. I have Raspberries, Blackberries and Strawberries and I to would like to make some different fruit jams :)

    On my mind has been a friends birthday, I finished sewing her gift yesterday (I made her a reversible apron) and took her a cake to spoil her :)

    Regards, Ruth

  39. Hi, Rhonda - your blog is very interesting. I'm joining in today. http://searchingforabalance.blogspot.com/2011/11/on-my-mind.html

    Thank you! Who doesn't love berries?

  40. We are hoping to plant boysenberries next spring as we are in California. Love fresh berries.
    On my mind -- fresh eggs.



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