A slow and simple Sunday

8 November 2010
It's taken a while but I finally feel like I'm back in my daily homemaker's rhythm. When Hanno was in Germany those five weeks, then when he came home with the flu and we were both sick, the basics were done and maybe a few extras, but not much else. Now we're both back to good health, jobs are being completed again, we both feel on top of everything and right back on track.

My version of chicken, leek and oats soup from the fabulous The Real Food Companion cook book.

I have been writing every chance I get and taking short breaks away from it to get bread on the rise, pick vegetables from the garden, make the bed, sweep the floor, wash up and do the laundry - all the general things we all do in the course of our day. We had a new water saving toilet installed by the plumber the other day. It uses 3 litres or 4½ litres per flush which is a big improvement on our old system. There are always improvements we can make and when they're done we start looking for what else would better serve us with a few modifications. It's surprising how many we find.

Water conservation is important to us, as I'm sure it is to many of you. We live in the driest habitable continent on earth so it's our collective responsibility as Australians to save water whenever we can. We've installed rainwater tanks and can store up to 15,000 litres/quarts. That water is used to grow our fruit and vegetables, for the chooks and animals and for all out door cleaning. We use much less than average water in the house and now with our new toilet, we should cut that back a little more. If you live in a dry area of Australia or overseas - like Texas, New Mexico (hi Sharon!), Arizona or Spain or Portugal, I'd love to know how you cope during arid spells and how you save water. I am an old dog but I love to learn new tricks if you have any to show me.

I've packed away my sewing machine and doubt I'll have time for sewing until late next year. I know I'll miss sewing this and that but I'm still knitting and when I have a break I take to the needles and get a few rows done on my current project. I'm currently knitting black merino wool, which is such a lovely yarn to touch, I'm enjoying every stitch of it.

For all our long term readers, Sharon is on the mend and is very slowly returning to good health. She was very ill for a long time so it's a slow recovery, but week by week, she gets better. I'd like to thank her husband Claude who has continued in Sharon's stead working behind the scenes at the simple, green frugal co-op getting the writer's rosters out for me. You've been such a great help Claude, thank you. Take care, Sharon. We all send our love and best wishes.

Whole grain bread rolls topped with oats and corn meal.

It's been quiet here in our home over the weekend. I've been tapping away on the keys while Hanno works outside cleaning the car, washing the dogs (Flora McDonald, Bernadette's dog, now owned by my god daughter Casey, is here too) and every so often I hear an electric saw or hammering so house maintenance is being carried out as well.

Yesterday, that icon of old Australia - the lamb roast, was cooking away in the oven for our dinner. It's THE Sunday meal of my childhood and as we hadn't had a roast for a while, we both enjoyed it very much. It was the best way to wind down on a Sunday evening. Just being here together, with the gate closed, quietly going about our set tasks. It seems like everything is right again - back in our rhythm, working away quietly. I haven't asked Hanno if he feels the same, but I bet he does, there are some things I just know to be true.