Organisation complete - my workspace is clean and functional

4 November 2010
Well, it's a week and a half since I said I was cleaning and reorganising my work room. This was an important task for me. It's the one room I let get completely chaotic before I fix it, and it's the space I am writing the book in. To write well, I need a calm, quiet space. When you see the photos of what it looked like, you'll agree, it was well and truly in need of some attention and care. But now, 1½ weeks later, and taking into account that I was down with a cold for some of that time, here I am to reveal the before and after photos. I am ashamed to show some of these photos but we're in the business of telling it straight, so here they are.

Here is the full extent of the mess. The result of two women (my sister and I) using one room in which to sew, and to write in.

I started folding and sorting out the fabrics first.

While piles started forming ...

there was still so much more to do.

Believe it or not, this is a photo of progress and moving forward.

It took me about three days of slowly folding, sorting, cleaning and rearranging before I could start seeing an end in sight. I took a few days off with my cold, then back to finish up. And here it is now, where I am sitting right now writing this.

I started work on the book again yesterday and expect it to take up most of my time for the next few months. I have a wonderful editor at Penguin called Jo who is working with me and I am confident we will produce a book that will help us all move forward towards more simple and self reliant lives.

The sewing machine and overlocker/serger are in the cupboard and I doubt they'll be used for anything other than urgent repairs until next year.

Right next to the cupboard I have this little unit that holds genealogy papers and my knitting supplies.

I am delighted I took on this task and persevered until it was finished. It feels so good to be sitting here right now knowing that everything is where it should be and that I can function well here. Having a clean and organised work area will support the work I have ahead of me.

I know a lot of you joined in this challenge and the thread over at the forum is now running 15 - 16 pages. It's been very encouraging to work alongside other women with us all focused on the same goals. I hope you'll all be finished your tasks soon and be as happy as I am that it's finished.


  1. Must feel good to be clean and organized. Congratulations!

  2. Well done, Rhonda!! That room is spotless. Hope it gives you good vibes and inspirational thoughts for the book. I wonder if this book would be available in Britain, too. Or maybe I could order it eventually through Amazon, what do you think? I would love to have a signed copy, but not sure if that`s something you could arrange. Best of luck with the writing. I look forward to the end result.

  3. Well done Rhonda, your room looks fabulous now, such a pretty room. good luck with the book.

  4. Looks fantastic! I'm inspired to tackle my mess this weekend.

  5. Sarina, I'm hoping I'll have some copies to sell from the blog and if I do, I'll sign those before sending them.

  6. That room is very inviting now! It's one I'd like to work in, too. I haven't joined the organization thread because I keep thinking: I know I'll just end up reading about other people's organizing projects instead of getting up and actually DOING my own. :)
    But I did clean out some cupboards today. I'll pat my own back, I guess. :)

  7. I always make a mess in the creative process, but I can't stand to live in a mess. It has to be cleaned up! Your space looks delightfully organized.

  8. Well done being so organised! You've inspired me!

  9. When my "space" is clean and organized, my heart feels less stressed and more at peace. It's motivational! It's my goal to clean and reorganize my kitchen next week. It is so out of control and I don't enjoy spending time in there. Need to make some changes in our home to bring about more peace and less stress!!
    Thank you for sharing Rhonda!!

    central Illinois

  10. It looks great! I need to do an organisation in my craft room. I go in there thinking about all the artsy stuff I want to do and then get bogged down because I am klooking all over for things I need. Thank you for the encouragment

  11. oh, thats beautiful! Time to mess it up again! hehe.....

    Rejoicing in Him, Patrizia

  12. My space was clean, but then I started another project and it is now messy again. I have to work on my projects a little at a time, so sometimes the pile stays for a little while. Then I can't take the mess and I clean it all up. And the cycle begins again.

    Love your work space!


  13. oh, boy.... my crafting room sure could do with a good tidy...

  14. Looks terrific Rhonda.

    Good on you. I'm inspired.

    Blessings Gail

  15. Ahhh. That's better:) You did really well and I know you'll enjoy completing your book project in such a lovely work space. Happy writing!

  16. Organising is contagious :) My son and I both organised our desks and for both of us it was badly needed. It does feel good and it's an invitation to use it, which in the case of my son is just in time. He started university this year and has exams in a few weeks. :)

  17. As we renovate our bathroom, my workspace has become a home for sheets of drywall, tools, and new bathroom fixtures. I can see the sewing machine, but can't get to it. I take some comfort out of seeing your before and after pictures, knowing that others let their rooms get out of control too and that there is light at the end of the tunnel as well. I can't wait!

  18. Your work space looks wonderful. My work space is in the same condition yours was before you organized it. I started working up there a few days ago to get things straightened up. Nothing like a house guest that will be staying up there to motive me....Sincerely, Emily

  19. Looks great Rhonda! Such a nice, de-cluttered space to organize your thoughts :)

    I have a hard time getting started on my disorganization, because just looking at it is so demotivating ("Where do I even start..."). I've got to get a start on it soon though! I recently moved, and I should really try to unpack.

  20. Looks great! I find that as I work on projects things tend to get messy. I like to clean before I start something new, though, and that's the plan for today and tomorrow - it's time to get things in order again.

  21. Amazing progress!! I love the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a project like that!

  22. How cathartic! It's amazing how a physical space can be a reflection of my mental space. Packing up my daughter's toys (she's nearly 2) that were spread ALL over the loungeroom yesterday while she spent a few hours at a friend's place made that few hours so much more beneficial!!


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