3 August 2010

This is where I work

Today we travel across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand to visit Amy and see where she works.

Amy writes:
"As a full-time student doing an Early Years Degree (training to teach from birth to 8 yrs old), my desk area gets rather crowded! And that’s without the knitting bag, seeds, camera, finances, menu planning, card-making equipment and other assorted things I have managed to store out of sight. Having it in a corner of our living area means I can overflow readings and assignments to the nearby dining table or lazy boy chair and work early in the morning without disturbing my husband’s sleep. I am also a newly-crowned Mummy! My son is currently just over 4 weeks old and is a bit of a distraction, but I don’t mind at all! I imagine children’s toys and books will also now find their way into my work area.

The other main ‘work’ I do relates to our eating. I have become chief gardener of my parent’s vegetable garden. A nice 25 minute walk from our house, I love heading out to spend time outside being productive, enjoying the breeze, the birds, my parent’s small dog, and growing things I later get to enjoy eating. We have a share agreement with them: they provide the space, I provide labour, and we all get to enjoy the benefits. This photo was taken in February, during our New Zealand summer growing season."

You can visit Amy's blog here.



  1. How lovely to see a new Mum on here,and as Amy is studying she will be very busy.Isn't it lovely to see young people having vegie gardens,her little Bub is going to grow up learning well.Thanks Rhonda.

  2. What a busy time ahead of you Amy with your beautiful baby, studies & gardening. Thank you for sharing your workplace. xxx

  3. Amy both your work areas are lovely -- thanks for sharing and good luck with the new bub!

  4. How beautiful to see your space. Your baby will grow up knowing the joys of gardening and watching veges coming from the ground and eating them. I have beautiful memories of gardening with my grandmother and everything she ate came from her garden. What a beautiful walk to with your baby to your parents house

  5. Congratulations, May on your new little one. May he bring you much joy.

  6. This is a really special time of life, although very hard work. I do admire you, Amy, for what you are achieving with the studying, the baby, and the veggies - I have thought about trying some 'Jartichokes'. Thanks for showing us what you are doing.

  7. A new wonderful exciting/scary/rewarding journey lies ahead for you Amy. Your little one will be digging in those veggie patches before you know it! Thank you for sharing your space.


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