This is where I work

3 August 2010
Today we travel across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand to visit Amy and see where she works.

Amy writes:
"As a full-time student doing an Early Years Degree (training to teach from birth to 8 yrs old), my desk area gets rather crowded! And that’s without the knitting bag, seeds, camera, finances, menu planning, card-making equipment and other assorted things I have managed to store out of sight. Having it in a corner of our living area means I can overflow readings and assignments to the nearby dining table or lazy boy chair and work early in the morning without disturbing my husband’s sleep. I am also a newly-crowned Mummy! My son is currently just over 4 weeks old and is a bit of a distraction, but I don’t mind at all! I imagine children’s toys and books will also now find their way into my work area.

The other main ‘work’ I do relates to our eating. I have become chief gardener of my parent’s vegetable garden. A nice 25 minute walk from our house, I love heading out to spend time outside being productive, enjoying the breeze, the birds, my parent’s small dog, and growing things I later get to enjoy eating. We have a share agreement with them: they provide the space, I provide labour, and we all get to enjoy the benefits. This photo was taken in February, during our New Zealand summer growing season."

You can visit Amy's blog here.