The most wonderful news

11 August 2010
This post will give me more joy to write than anything else I could think of today.  I told you  there are a few exciting things happening here at the moment, well, I am now able to tell you the most exciting one of them.  Our son Kerry and his beautiful partner Sunny are having a baby!  Hanno and I will be grandparents in late March.  I can barely believe my eyes when I read what I have just written.

 This is one of my original stitchery patterns.

This wasn't planned but it's welcomed wholeheartedly by all of us.  Both Kerry and Sunny are hard workers and now that they have a baby to love and care for, they've decided it's time to buy an apartment together.  Sunny is going home to Korea to tell her family and when she comes back again, the search will start to find their first home together.  We are all so excited!  My knitting has taken on a life of its own and when I think of all the projects I could start, my head spins. 

This is one moment in my life when I feel as full as I could be.  I'm full of hope, love, anticipation, joy, generosity and determination.  Now, more than ever, I know that the way we live is preparing for this new life. I hope that when it comes to be my time to die, the world is more like the one I was born into and less like the one I grew up in.  We all owe that to our children and our grandchildren.

I'll stop writing now, I've already gone overboard because only these words matter today: Our son Kerry and his beautiful partner Sunny are having a baby!