28 August 2010

Care to barter?

As most of you know, I will be a first time grandmother early next year. I want to help prepare for the birth and supply some of the many things a new baby needs. I'd like to hear from Australian producers of modern cloth nappies. I am hoping we may be able to barter nappies for advertising space on my blog.

If you produce baby needs, or work for someone who does, please contact me rhondahetzel@gmail.com


  1. That's a brilliant idea!! If you find someone who makes amazing nappies, can you share the company name? My dear friend is having her first bubby early next year, and I'd like to set her up with a practical gift of washable nappies :o)

  2. I saw somewhere were a Grandmother had made cloth nappies for their grandbaby and embroidered them to give them a personal touch.

  3. When my daughter said she was planning a baby (in 2 years time), I went research crazy. When the time comes I plan to make some cloth nappies for the baby, you can buy all the materials needed. Here are a few links I thought where interesting, and not all have anything to do with nappies, I am sure something similar can be bought in Australia.







  4. This may be a useful link


    Do you have a local Freecycle group - often in ours (UK) real nappies are offered.

  5. Some councils in the UK do a cashback scheme ... eg in Wiltshire anyone buying nappies over the cost of £60 for a child under 2 years can claim back £30 ...I am wondering if there is anything similar in Australia?

    There is also a scheme whereby nappy kits can be borrowed for a trial.

  6. Oooh fantastic! There are some good forums as well, which might be able to help. I'm on one called Cloth Nappy Addicts (even though my daughter is now three and potty-trained). There are some international members there, though most of us are UK-based. www.clothnappyaddicts.co.uk. It's a very friendly bunch and many of the ladies there are WAHMs making nappies.

    And as you knit, you could maybe make some woollen trousers or shorts to go over the nappies - I found them much better for my daughter.

    You could make some nappies too, if you're sewing-minded. It's not too hard - I managed a few.

  7. Hi, I am a green kids consultant in Adelaide. www.greenkids.com.au I will contact the central distributor in Perth and ask if they are interested. Cheers, Kathryn Williams www.isupportwomen.blogspot.com

  8. when my nephew was born, (his 20th birthday today) i made toweling fitted nappies, they were really easy to make and were used again 4 years later for his brother. it consisted of 2 layers of thick toweling fabric, a bit of elastic between the layers around the leg, and velcro closures, then i made "pads" as extras for layering inside (boys pee more lol) sometimes only the pad had to be changed. at night my sis would put 2 pads in. of course there are commercial ones available now, but they were very easy to make. having the pads meant they dried quicker than if you layered too much on the original nappy.

  9. Make absolutely sure that your DIL wants to go that route - diapering is a fraught issue these days - completely different from when we had our babies.Cloth/organic/fitted/non-fitted/covers - its a minefield lol !
    You can make them - there are many patterns on the internet.

  10. Totally agree with Lizzies comment! We EC'd our last born so nappy use was minimal.


  11. Hi, I have forwarded the link to this post to two of my friends who both are work-at-home mums making gorgeous modern cloth nappies. They will be in contact with you!

    Here: http://nappynetwork.org.au/content/nappy-meets is a list of where you can see a range of MCN in real life and talk to those who use them.

    I also second the link Lizzie provided, ECing is a great way to aid communication between care-giver and baby and also helps remove some settling and feeding problems (as you become aware that bubs is trying to tell you that they need the toilet rather than more food or sleep!).

    Happy to talk about nappies and EC at much greater length if you have any questions.

  12. hi rhonda, i loved baby beehinds hemp/cottons, cbought second hand. sometimes you can getthem cheaply on ebay. niuce and thick and so so simple to use!

    i have tried weenies and homemade ones and these were my fave by far, esp with second child.

    the company seems to be very customer-service oriented, so maybe you could contact them directly, considering the exposure you could offer them..

    enjoy you day,

    xx tali
    all the best!

  13. Rhonda, I actually HAD NO IDEA!!! My, have I been sticking my head in the sand or what?! Congratulations, what an exciting time for you!

  14. Congratulations! I've just emailed you, what a brilliant idea :)

  15. Hi Rhonda,
    try also eenee nappies - I found I could use old cloths as the 'pads' in these also and they are flexible to what you want to do....they might be interested in advertising?? My set has been through 2 families kids and still going strong! All the best :)

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