This is where I work

9 July 2010
Now here is a sewing room I'd feel very comfortable in.  It's packed with interesting fabrics and threads and it's organised well to enable some fine sewing sessions.  This is Leila's working space in the USA.

Leila writes:
"I have a big house and yard and I work all over them both, of course. I am currently doing a couple of posts about my pantry/sewing room, because it's the room that energizes me and sparks my creativity!

For many years I've been raising my seven kids, homeschooling, and being wife to my wonderful husband. I've always been interested in sewing and then quilting, but I've never been happy about my crafting space until about two years ago when I figured out how to get everything into this little room (well, not everything!).

I would love to see anyone over at my blog, Like Mother, Like Daughter (, which I write with my 4 daughters and mother. We try to show that home is all-important to family life, to loving, and to learning."