Get well, Sharon

10 July 2010
I wasn't going to post today but in a lightning flash, things change.

They say that behind every good man there is a good woman.  Well, behind me there is a good man and a good woman.  You all know Hanno, my faithful sidekick for the past 33 years, but there is also Sharon who is a wonderful lady living in New Mexico, who I have never met in person but I feel exceedingly close to.  Sharon introduced herself to me after I had been blogging for only a short time.  She told me she would help if I needed it.  Well, over the years she's helped me, been a wise adviser, and encouraged me all along the way.  She helped me develop the Simple Green Frugal Co-op, where she still does the roster for the writers and keeps an eye on the day-to-day happenings.  At the Down to Earth forum, where she is my co-administrator, she has been with me since I first started thinking of it and wondering if it would work.  Naturally, she said she'd be there to help if I went ahead with it.  It is true to say that online, Sharon is my right hand woman.  Through all of this we've kept in constant touch via email and now she knows my family and I know hers and I feel like I've been her friend for a long long time.

Sharon is very ill in hospital.  I just received an email from one of her daughters saying that Sharon was rushed to hospital on Wednesday in a very serious condition.  She is still in intensive care.  
I ask you all to send Sharon your prayers or positive thoughts.  She has a very close family, they are at her side and they need your thoughts now too.  Hopefully, Sarah, one of her daughters, will take the laptop to her when she is feeling better and she will see the outpouring of love for her.  I know that if we all think of Sharon and send her that positive energy from all around the world, she will feel it.  Thank you, friends. ♥