Slowly getting back to normal

15 July 2010
I was quite overwhelmed by the response to my last post, both here in the comments and in emails.  Thank you all for your concern, love and support. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and I am now of the belief that the death of my friends is revealing to me that life must be really lived in each waking moment and to do anything less would be the greatest deprivation.  It is a valuable reminder as I move into my mid-60s and I am determined to make sure I don't waste too much time and to do my best and be my best as much as I can.  

It is not the custom in Australia to speak of our religious beliefs - it is generally a personal and private thing, and although I know there is a lot of interest in whether or not I'm a Christian, that is known to only my family and those closest to me.  As always, I honour the differing beliefs of those I know, including the many Christians here, but I will remain with my custom of not speaking of such things in public.

Please keep Sharon and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Sharon is still in intensive care, she now has a collapsed lung as well, so it's important that we send her our love and support.

While all this is going on, Hanno, the constant in my life, continues to work towards our combined well being by producing delicious organic food for our table.  He dug up another bucket full of potatoes and I got a few photos for you of how he prepares the garden bed for the next crop.

After the crops have been dug up and all weeds and debris removed, Hanno digs over the soil and makes a trench.  He then fills the trench with homemade compost.
When the trench is full of compost, he covers the compost with soil, and moves to the next trench.  He moves along the garden bed until it's full of compost trenches.  Then he waters them in and lets it all settle for a week or so before planting the next crop.

 As always, assistant gardener Alice, awaits instructions (or food).

And finally, but by no means least, today is my beautiful son Shane's 30th birthday.  I'll talk to him on the phone later today but we'll see him and his wife Sarndra at their home on Sunday where we'll celebrate this milestone with his brothers and the rest of the family. Shane has requested that I bring his favourites - lemon meringue pie and chocolate cake, so I'll be baking them on Saturday for Sunday's party.  Happy birthday Shane!  ♥ ♥ ♥