My weekend in pictures

5 July 2010
The weekend came and went with housework being done, a few phone calls and only one visitor. My housework always just rolls along and curves around everything else that happens here. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so I'll let theses pictures tell my tale. Starting with the sad story of Saturday's bread.

Lecithin granules and polenta look the same in their identical glass jars. I sprinkled on what I thought was polenta. Wrong! It was sticky, I knew I'd sprinkled on lecithin but thought it would be okay to leave in the bread. I have never baked lecithin before, we usually have it in our muesli. Those black runny bits are the melted lecithin. I should have scraped it off. We ate the bread, it only affected small bits on the top. Yet another lesson learned.

Chook highway when they mistook my camera for food.

I cleaned the laundry benches, put away the soap I made last week, soaked some curtain linings and did a load of washing.

Then folded and put away some clothes and sheets.

We had homemade pizza for dinner on Saturday night, with egg custard and apricots for dessert. Last night we had poor man's roast - meatloaf with baked potato, pumpkin, turnips, carrots, peas and gravy, and the rest of the egg custard and fruit. I call it poor man's roast because it is just a meatloaf, although you get the impression of roasting meat cooking in the late afternoon. And the added bonus is that we have enough meatloaf leftover for sandwiches during the week.

And finally, shhhhh, he didn't know I was lurking inside with my camera while he was working in the afternoon sun. We saved up and bought three timber blinds to replace our very old curtains. Hanno put them up on the weekend and had to adjust the strip tops. I'll take photos of the new look lounge room later in the week.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Happy 4th to all my American friends. ♥


  1. Ooh, what a lovely glimpse into your weekend! Can I ask, what do you use lecithin on your museli for? I've not heard of this before. Shame about the bread though!

    I love reading about your pottering at home days. I've not been feeling well recently, and have drifted away from pottering around. Sometimes just reading about someone else making soap, washing curtains, baking bread is enough to jolt me back into action.

    Thanks, enjoy your week

  2. Rhonda,
    I so enjoy peeking in on what your doing everyday, I have learned so much from you and thrilled to say after years of wanting to make my own soap, we finally did it with your help...Was wondering how you store your bars of soap? We are on the path to simplicity right along with you and are happier than we've been in years. We are both 53 and always looking to learn the simple ways. Thank you so much from us here in the USA. Happy day to you!!! Karen

  3. Hi Ronda, must have been a weekend of gone wrong jobs for many of us this weekend,but you know what it doesn't matter really does it as long as we can have a giggle when we do it.Meatloaf is a family favourite here we have it mainly when the kids come home for a visit as it is a childhood comfort thing,we put a brown sugar,tomato sauce a worster sauce mix on top and we call it devilled meatloaf,now the grandkids love it,it goes shiny and sweet,in the summer we boil 3 eggs first then place them in the centre of the mix before cooking and it is a lovely summer meat, a relic from our young days of learning 100 things to do with mince lol .Thanks for sharing your falls with your triumfs many of us aspire to be more like you and it is nice to know not everything turns out everytime.You are a blessing to us all Rhonda. Carole

  4. Rhonda, your chickens look so plump, healthy and beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sharing! :-)

    I always love to read what you are up to.


  6. lovely photos looks like you had a really good weekend, hugs

  7. I love meatloaf sandwiches, unfortunately with 6 kids we never have leftovers these days

  8. Your photo of the chickens reminded me of what happened here yesterday. I free ranged my girls for the first time. It turned into a massive blog pictorial, but it was so interesting to watch how all the animals sorted each other out.
    Unlike you, yesterday I did NO housework. I just watched the story unfold in the backyard. It was very satisfying.

  9. I feel settled and calm after reading about your down-to-earth weekend. I'm afraid I was a little more on the run. But we're making up for it this Sunday afternoon. After a short nap, I finished reading a Peter Mayle novel. In a little bit, I'll cut us a piece of cantaloupe. We'll enjoy it over a game of Upwords - one of our favorite word games. It's too hot to be outside. The heat and humidity have returned after several days of most agreeable weather...

  10. What a nice scene from your wonderful weekend. Thanks for the well wishes for 4th of July.

    The chooks are so beautiful.

  11. It's always enjoyable to see what you're up to. I especially loved the chick highway picture! I've just taken the last jars of jam out of the canner. I started the morning with black & blueberry jam, & ended with peach almond jam. The peach jam got a bit scorched... first time that's happened. But I added a bit more sugar & almond extract, and my sweetie said it's fine. It's good to see things don't always go perfectly for us all!

  12. Your days sound very fruitful,abundant but paced.
    I am afraid that my days are often too busy with too much for one Person to do but I do try and find that slow one job running to another flow.
    Hannos spot in the sun looks very nice.

  13. Hi Rhonda. Long time reader but this is my first post because I actually have something useful to add here! I've had this same problem with mixing up grains and bulk items in recycled jars. Here's my solution: I use chalkboard paint on the tops of the lids and write the contents in chalk. Here's a link to my post and picture...

    Of course, there's also my first solution...painters tape and a pen ;) Here's to no more mix ups!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend :) I just love to read all that you make yourself. You have such a wonderful and simple life. Love it!! Hope that your weekend has been wonderful. Hugs ~ Laura

  15. Hi Rhonda, I just chuckled at your poor mans roast...we call chops baked with vegetables in the oven 'poor mans' roast at our house. As the lamb chops smell just the same as a leg of lamb....and I must say, taste just as good.....and at the moment feeding my children for with $8.00, sometimes $6.00 worth of chops is a lot better on my shopping bill than a $30.00 leg of lamb!!!! Hooray for poor mans roast I say...Suzanne.

  16. Hi Rhonda....Thank you so much for the Happy 4th of July wishes!!! I enjoyed looking at your photos. Your laundry room area is one of th neatest I've least what I saw of it :) :)...with the laundry powder etc :)
    OH, my favorite was the "chook highway" :) :) :) That was just too funny!!! I'm going to tell my dad about that one.
    Hmm.. there's an apartment kitty that belongs to neighbor...but she roams outside quite a bit. In any case, this morning she was trying to get into our apartment AGAIN. She sensed that the door would open soon...which it did...we were leaving for church. She's been doing this now officially for 2 months as of today...two months from the day we moved into the apartment we're living in now :) :) it's too cute..

    Thanks for the glimpse into your life. Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Heather :)

  17. Hi Rhonda. I do so enjoy images of domesticity, simplicity and contentment, such as these. :-) The Highway of CHOOKS was amusing to behold. What a coincidence re the laundry tidy up - I did a similar thing over the weekend.
    Tracy (Brisbane)

  18. You are so lucky to have a supportive and able Hanno, helping you round the place.
    My Ricky is a DIY disaster to happen. If anything needs fixing, I better know what to do, as he would make a pigs hash of it. The same goes for gardening. Mine needs a flamethrower now to get rid of the weeds.
    It was lovely to see what your weekend was like.

  19. I recently researched lecithin granules as i had a recipe book that uses them. What I found out very much disinclined me to use them. I thought I'd just mention this as others might have their interest piqued by this post and I'd just say they are marketed as a healthy addition to food but I'm not convinced (no offence Rhonda I hope, perhaps you have researched this also and come to a different conclusion?).


  20. Love those kinds of weekends, Rhonda, where the everyday work just kind of flows along...

    I love the photo of your chooks!

  21. That sounds such a productive but calm weekend. Thanks for the tip about the lecithin!

    I love your healthy and beautiful chickens.

  22. Oh yes, chook highway. I only have five chickens, and they don't walk, but run when I go out. I guess it becomes the chook speedway ... LOL

    I've got a battle going with my bread. I love onion bread and also garlic bread, but when I make the garlic bread, the loaf just doesn't rise much. I'm wondering why the garlic powder does this and not the onion powder ... that is the only difference in the bread ...

    Thank you for the Happy 4th of July wishes, we had a great day with family and friends.

  23. I just love the chickens picture! I bet they were sad to find out they weren't getting any goodies at the moment and only have their picture taken..(you should remind them that supermodels have to go through the same thing..haha)... Thanks for sharing...



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