You, me and the kitchen sink

30 May 2010
This is the last set of photos in the kitchen sink series.  We have some really interesting photos coming in for the new series so I think you'll like that too.

Today we have Pat's kitchen in Oregon.  She writes:
"I have enclosed some pictures of my kitchen in Corvallis, Oregon. As you can see, itt is a small kitchen, but one that I find to be efficient and cozy! I love chickens, but do not raise them. Luckily I tend to my friends flock when she is away."

Please don't forget to comment. A comment is like payment for the time taken to post, and in this case in sending in the photos.  Many of us were enthusiastic about this series, so make sure all the photos get a good number of comments.  I don't want any of the people sending in photos to regret joining in.  Thank you friends.