20 May 2010

Life in the slow lane

We went to the shops yesterday - a trip to the big mall down on the coast. Gulp.  Hanno jumped at the chance to come with me, he's been at home alone while I've been at work these past two days and there was a big electrical repair job being done in our area so the electricity was to be off from 8 am till 3pm. I needed to buy provisions for some of our homeless clients. Now that winter is here, they need sleeping bags, blankets and tents, so along with those thing we also bought saucepans, frying pans, and a couple of nifty little gas stoves and propane gas to keep the stoves going for a while.  It was good to have him with me to help with the bulky items we would buy.  In the end we fully loaded two big trolleys.

The scene at the end of our street when we came home.

It's interesting going into a place like that if you're not used to it.  People rush.  I'm sure they don't know they rush, but they do.  And, they apologise if they can't rush and if they hold you up so you can't rush.  The total of our bill was $955, and I had to pay with a cheque from the Centre I work at.  The girl put the items through but the register refused to take the cheque.  She called a supervisor and they both apologised that we couldn't be on our way quickly.  Hanno and I were just fine, we went and sat just off from the checkouts and waited.  We did some people watching as we both find that very interesting. Finally the supervisor asked me to go with her while she checked my details on the phone.  Everything was cleared and she apologised (again) for holding me up.  I told her it was fine and that I wasn't in a hurry.  She looked at me like I'd just landed from another planet.

Also at the end of our street - a timely reminder to slow down.

We went back to the till and she had to re-enter everything back into the computer because the first girl had wiped the sale from the system.  The supervisor apologised again because I had to wait.  "It's fine, dear"  I said.  "It's not your fault, and besides, I'm not in a hurry."  Her eyebrows turned into little pointy arrows and she peered at me above her glasses.  While I stood there waiting, customers walked into the queue behind me but glared when they realised I was holding everything up.


I live in a slow world and nothing will make me hurry when I don't have to.  I realise it's a completely luxurious and indulgent way to live but it's one of the many benefits of growing older and I enjoy it immensely.  Not only is it an ideal way to be at home, but it gives you the chance to see what's going on when you're out and about; you can observe other people and you can see that they rush.

The back of our car was full of fleece blankets, sleeping bags, tents and little stoves.

I guess it took about 30 minutes to get through the checkout.  We didn't rush through like most others and we received several apologies because we could not rush.  Had the checkout staff been able to see what Hanno and I got up to after we left the store, I'm sure they would have shook their heads and mumbled something about pensioners or old people.  LOL  We ambled out with our two fully laden trolleys and went straight to the first coffee shop.  We both had a big mug of steaming hot coffee with weird squiggle art on the top and a dusting of chocolate powder, then loaded the car and returned to the store to look around, slowly.  Then we drove to the beach, bought some fish and chips in a paper parcel and sat, surrounded by seven hungry, begging herons, gazing out to the perfectly blue Pacific Ocean.  We didn't talk much, we didn't have to.  We fed the birds, enjoyed our lunch, then drove back home.

I don't know what I would have thought of two old codgers slowly dawdling in front of me in a shopping mall when I was younger and much faster.   I'm sure they wouldn't have annoyed me but I probably would have felt sorry for them, because they weren't getting through their shopping faster.  Let me say this loud and clear: life is fine in the slow lane.  The 15 minutes you might save by rushing isn't worth it. There is a time to rush, we've done that many times, but not rushing is much better.  You get to see what's really happening around you.  You really experience your time.  You are stress-free.  It's wonderful in the slow lane, join us, there aren't many of us here.


  1. Your post today is like a breath of fresh air. Just like always. Thank you. I am not quite thirty, but I prefer slow also.

  2. Hi Rhonda we also live in the slow lane and it is the only way to go lol the next big town is 10 minutes from us but it is not huge either but even there it is all go go go just to get across the road our little towns roads are so wide you almost have to take a packed lunch to get across.Carole

  3. LOL

    Must be nice! :o)

    But it sounds like a lovely day. There was a time I lived more slowly as well, but life changed for me, and now I must pedal very quickly to survive.

    However, it is important to continue to enjoy the simple beauties of life and God's blessings even while scurrying about. You've done that very well. :o)


  4. Jan (from England)May 20, 2010 6:02 am

    I so agree with you. We were in a store tonight and there was a person going through the tills in front of us when we heard 'over here please' and duly went. When we arrived she apologised to us - not understanding I asked why she was apologising - 'because you had to wait'. If we'd not moved across - how long would our wait have been - no more than 5 minutes - time I had already allocated to be 'in my own little world'. I actually felt quite cheated. We said she had nothing to apologise for and got a strange look - me just 50 and hubby - 46! Slowing down sounds lovely - I say more of it!!!!!

  5. Im glad I aint the only one Rhonda that likes to do some 'people watching.Your post reminded me of a speeding lunatic driver who passed us on the way to Perth one day.Guess what?1/2 an hour later we passed him by as a cop had pulled him over...It was Easter too so for him double demerits etc fine if he got one.So wasnt worth the rush for him,ey?

  6. I so look forward to your posts each morning- I refresh my email continually until I see a post!
    I like it that you and Hanno 'go slow', and I will try to slow down myself... after all, (as the saying goes), "It's about the journey, not the destination".

  7. I'm like that also - what is the rush. I have a vivid memory of being thrust aside by a rush of older people at the supermarket one Thursday morning. I stood back and let them go for it and then caught the eye of an older gentleman doing the same thing on the other side of the trolleys. When the mellee had cleared we came together and he quoted "We also serve who stand and wait"

    My non rush also goes to road building and stop go men. My 2 little grandsons love to watch the big machinery and can name all the equipment and as I often have them in th car with me we happily sit at civil constuction sites and watch the hard working men using the big equipment - no rush.

  8. What a wonderful post! You are absolutely right too, there is no need to rush about everywhere. I love it when I can take my time shopping and just enjoy being out. It doean't happen very often that I have that kind of time, but occasionally, I take the time to enjoy it anyway.

    Sounds like you had a great day!

  9. What a lovely reminder of how life is SUPPOSED to be. It's too bad we don't learn the beauty of a slower way of life when we're younger. What a difference it would make in ourselves, our spouses, our children, and our homes.

  10. You are so right about living in the slow lane. It is so much better to live this way. Thanks for this delightful post.


  11. How timely is this post.I was at the store today to buy a few things.It was a rainy day so me and the baby was wanting to get out of the house anyway.We walked around in a nice slow pace and noticed we were getting in peoples way.The the checkout there was an older woman how was having trouble with her card or something and people were huffing and mumbling under their breath.I noticed the cashier kept looking up and around and I was wondering what she was up too.She caught the eye of another cashier and asked her to open another checkout.I was the 3rd person in line.The people in front of me looked at me like 'arn't you going to go'.I said to them 'go ahead I'm in no hurry'.I steped up in line and the cashier said 'line 5 is open' and I told her 'it's ok I'm in no hurry' and she gave me the same over her glasses look.Is it really that crazy to not be in a hurry??

  12. I l.o.v.e. this post!! It could also be entitled "What's the hurry?" My mother is retired and enjoys the slow lane. It's kind of odd going places with her since I work full-time and she's retired: I find myself slowed way down - which is a luxury, I must say. Doing errands with my mother is a good way to stay present.

  13. I totally understand about "the looks" that you get when you tell cashiers that you are not in a hurry, like you have 3 heads or somethin'.
    I am 51 and I take it slow anymore. If I am in a store and I people watch, and someone has the look of speedy, I will tell them to get in front of me, I actually one time had someone knock me over because they were in a toot and crashed in front of me, and I have a fused spine and it did catch me off guard, but there was a younger well built man in back of me and he DID catch this person by the arm and made him apoligise to me and gave him the evil eye. I was shocked because someone came to my rescue in the first place, there is always a first time.

    Warm Regards,
    Vicki S

  14. I find it hard not to rush.
    But I don't get annoyed By "slow-ness" I am normally envious!
    I love my quiet ,slow-er days and need them to recharge and refresh me.
    I want to "grow" up just like you and Hanno*wink*

  15. I always feel that if I'm pushing to get somewhere or do something that the universe intentionally throws things in my way to slow me down. It always feels like it is trying to teach me a lesson about taking my time and I definitely am not as hurried any more!

  16. I am always amused as to reactions I receive when I say that I am not in a hurry and allow people to go in front of me in lines. Or if I have to wait and people apologize. I always say that if the worst thing is that I would have to wait, life would be very good. People always wonder when I let them go "first" or ahead of me. They appear to wonder what I am up to. LOL

  17. I think when your caught up in it it's hard to see. I know when I've had a holiday for a week or more away from the big smoke on an island, in the bush or on the water and come back it is easy to see the rush in everyone. I laugh about it and after the first day back at work you are caught up in it again and the good the holiday has done for me is undone.

  18. I can't say how much I loved this and how timely it is.

    I have a quote printed and taped above my kitchen sink "Ruthlessly eliminate hurry."

    I've been finding in the last few weeks I'm irritated with hurry and the short cuts people take in order to do so. When a task is done in a half way manner simply to be done with it (which of course means it will need to be done again)instead of taking the proper time and diligence to do it right. People seem to be blind to the reality of life, time and stuff.....not one of them last long.

    Pursuing the Simple Life, while my husband has not jumped on the wagon yet (though he isn't discouraging) can some days be frustrating, wishing he'd "get it".

    When I need encouragement I go back to posts where you talk about the start of it....there was one about how you just waited for Hanno to get to the same place you were.

    You provide so much encouragement. Here in the US...EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is about hurry, shortcuts, doing less and getting more....it's really quite sad.

    Many times while I'm running errands I'll let someone go in front of me at the checkout...they do not have any idea why I would do that. No matter how much I have in my cart, I just say I'm not in a hurry. Like your experience...they don't know how to process that.

    Thank you again.

  19. Great Post Rhonda. I believe it is the concept of stores now days to get as many people through the checkouts as fast as they can. I need to slow down and your post reminded me of that. I hurry too much and I do not know why. I guess it is a condition of mine that I have always had. My DH is always is a rush and I have asked him why he says he has things to do. Funny man.

  20. What a wonderful way to spend your day. Taking your time and enjoying life. Thanks for the timely reminder to slow down. It was a message I needed to hear this morning.

  21. Hi Rhonda
    I love reading your posts - especially today! When our baby girl joined pur family 3 months ago one of the greatest gifts she brought us was her slower, more serene pace. We're so grateful to her for reminding us about the beauty and peace of a 'slow' life.

    I noticed in your post Alex that you mention 'running errands' - isn't it interesting that hurry is even entrenched in our language and phrases?!

    I'm going to 'walk' my errands from now on. ;)

    Happy day to all.

    Slow-mama :)

  22. Oh what a wonderful post Rhonda, as always.

    I work in retail, so on the flip side of the coin are the customers who stare at you with daggers because they have to wait.

    We have one customer who comes into the shop 3 times a week to buy food and treats for his dogs, always in a rush, he tells us that as soon as he walks in.

    I must say that you do feel pressure to get everyone served quickly and it is a breath of fresh air when someone says that they don't mind waiting.

    Sounds like you and Hanno had a lovely day.

  23. Thanks for the reminder to slow down. I try to be conscious of it, and as a 25-year-old, it is especially expected of me to be running around like crazy, and I don't want to! I like walking slowly home from work and looking at peoples' flowers and gardens and enjoying, rather than going quickly past without paying attention. Sooner or later, rushing always bites you in the behind, anyway.

  24. I make a point of telling retail staff that I'm not in a hurry, and not at all offended if things take time. You can see some of them visibly relax, poor things! They must get chewed on by the 'hurriers' quite a bit.

    Take care with that gas burner you bought, Rhonda. Make sure the cylinder is connected tight, and give it a rest if the igniter doesn't want to work. I speak from experience! *roll eyes*


  25. I'm sure this scene is repeated in stores across the world on a daily basis! I sometimes see the glares from other drivers as they tap their steering wheel waiting for my parking space as I load my van with groceries and children ensuring they all have their seat belts on. I avoid multi storey car parks and prefer to park further away and walk than face this scenario! If only we could be a little more patient and understanding and even look out for ways in which we can bless others. I always remember a young guy not having enough money to pay for his basket of groceries, he was going to have to put back items. People behind us began muttering under their breath, he was holding them up! My husband offered his card to the checkout girl and said 'Put him through, I'll pay for his groceries.' Her face was a picture and the frustrated shoppers behind us were stunned into silence. The young guy was so appreciative and said to my husband that he would never forget this act of kindness. I like to believe he went on to 'pay it forward'. Even a smile or a few kind words can make a difference to someone's day!

  26. I am with you in the slow lane Rhonda and have been for a while now.I have noticed a reduction in my stress and anxiety levels which can only be a good thing.


  27. Ah Rhonda, such an apt post. I still rush far too much but I am a lot slower than the crazy pace I used to live at. You were very brave to face the mall, I only go when I absolutely have to -- they are dizzying places.

  28. I found your comments about not being in a hurry hilarious. I'm an American who has been living in Mexico for several years. Just returned to the US a few weeks ago, and I am amazed at the pace of life here. Today I was on the phone with a customer service person for a bank and she apologized 4 or 5 times for how long something took.

  29. Thankyou so much for your wonderful inspiring blog. I reasd it every day and enjoy it soooo much. Hubby doesn't know what has come over me we moved to an acre a little over 5 years ago and have not done much with it. Planning a pool and all those suburban things. Well now we are off 6 chooks a dog compust bins. The mini vege garden just doesn't cut it any more. This swing home hubby is a fly in fly out, we are going to establish THE BIG GARDEN. 4 2.4m x 2m garden beds and a herb garden smack dab in the middle. The fruit trees have been given some attention so we are off. I am very lucky to be able to work from home as a long arm quilter (I finish the quilts off) and so I get to spend alot of time procrastinating in the garden and around the house. I must admit that the four days during the week I spend at home I feel blessed to be in such lovely surroundings. So thankyou for all your inspiration and keep on blogging.

  30. Just got back from the hairdressers - just having a trim & the stylist who also owns the salon had found herself alone today after the other girl called in sick. So she was somewhat "under the pump". The phone kept ringing & she had to keep stopping to answer it. She kept apologising to me & I said, more than once "I'm not in a hurry, don't stress". Yes, life is good when you live in the slow lane. Have a great relaxing day.

  31. Thank you! Thank you for reminding me to slow down a little.

    My youngest is turning 5 on Monday and I have realized that I have spent so much time trying to "get things done" that I feel I have missed too many of the little things.

    Here in America, in New England for that matter, we are in way too much of a hurry. I have spent the entire afternoon trying to get all my shopping (for his birthday) done as quickly as possible so that I could get home before my 2 little ones went to bed. I finished up just in time to kiss them goodnight.

    The prefect post for me to read this evening, thank you!

  32. I'm in favor of the slow to go group. When we took trips anywhere, I always drove, because my former husband hated driving in traffic. I was always just pleased that we got to our distination in one piece unscathed.
    I have always told my kids...slowly and deliberately...

  33. I love life in the slow lane! Today I went into a bigger town to visit a friend in the hospital. As I watched people coming and going, most seemed to be in a hurry. I remember thinking "I've got ALL day to do this!" Isn't it wonderful?

  34. Hi Rhonda - great post as always. I've just come back from the shopping mall where I rushed around to do my errands, then rushed back across town to pick up my kids, then rushed home to tidy things up before rushing out again to take them to piano lessons, where I will rush to the library in that time I have, then rush to pick them up again and rush home to get dinner.
    If I saw two 'old codgers' as you put it holding me up in front at the checkout aisle, I wouldn't feel annoyed either, but I would feel very jealous! I wish I could slow down!
    I know that I need to slow down - I get very tired these days, but I just don't know how to do it with 4 children needing educating. I've tried to cut back on things, but somehow it ends up being busy again.
    Anyway, thanks for this post - a good reminder and something good to aim for.

  35. I can't wait until I'm in that group of people. I curse old people all the time, but it's because I have 2 little kids and life is just... I want to scream! In fact, I did just end up screaming in my car Monday. Freaked out my 3 year old, but it needed to happen.

    I do enjoy being slow and relaxing though. Some days, not very often but some days, I just stroll through the store with a smile on my face, moseying along. That's a very funny, word, mosey...

    I recently learned to spin yarn! I find it very relaxing, and slow. Well, it can be. Take a looksee!

  36. Hi Rhonda. My partner and I lived at the Sunshine Coast for a couple of years. We absolutely loved it but had to move away due to work. I can picture everything you did and everywhere you went yesterday. Great memories. Great post. Thanks!

  37. I'm in the slow lane each & every morning & I'm only 35. :-)

    I get that a lot at the deli counter at the natural foods market. I don't mind the wait, but they apologize a gazillion times when it's slow because someone is on break or it is ueber-busy.

    It's also funny when people speed by in "the fast lane" only to be caught by the same red light a minute later. :-)

    Have a nice, slow day.
    i'm going to bed now & I will hopefully fall asleep fast. lol

  38. Your post reminded me so much of the poem by W H Davies

    What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep or cows.
    No time to see, when woods we pass,
    Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.
    No time to see, in broad daylight,
    Streams full of stars, like skies at night.
    No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
    And watch her feet, how they can dance.
    No time to wait till her mouth can
    Enrich that smile her eyes began.
    A poor life this if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.

  39. Wouldn`t it be fab if we all would slow down just a bit. I am 46 and every Saturday I go shopping for the week ahead. But my pace is slow-ish. I go prepared with my little shopping list and take my time going round the supermarket. I`m usually saying the same as you at the check-out. I`m not in a rush. And people do look at you as if you are an alien from another planet. I love it. People watching is also one of my favourite past times, lol. No matter what age you are, I`m sure you can learn to slow pace it and feel less stressed.

  40. Oh Rhonda, you are very much a breath of fresh air. Today after a visit down town my 3 yr old was having a tantrum in the car, so, I slowed down and pulled over until he stopped, it gave me a chance to take a breath and him a chance to slow down. How I love the slow pace which in my 30's and with young children and a husband who works long long hours the slow days can be few and far between, but when they come I relish them! Thank you so much for keeping on with your blog, I turn on my computer every day for my slow time reading your blog, it's my time then!


  41. I really enjoyed this post. This is how life should be lived! It is getting to be a real trend among people to guage "success" or personal worth in terms of how BUSY one is..... Or am I the only person who is noticing this?
    Glad you enjoyed your day!
    Tracy (Brisbane)

  42. LOL, I get those same looks. I refuse to be rushed. Especially while waiting in line after picking my daughter up at the high school. You have over a 1,000 students and teachers trying to get out of there, and they will run each other over, or hit your car to do it. I get nasty looks from the people behind me when I stop to let someone else out. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing your leisurely shopping trip.

  43. I love how you called the slow life "luxurious and indulgent"! What a totally awesome description. Not at all what the rest of the world thinks of as luxury and indulgence, but when you are content and enjoying your life, it doesn't have to be.
    Thank you again and again for your inspiring words.

  44. Rhonda,

    I smile when I read your posts and I know why you are you:) We don't rush around either and we are young 40's. I don't like to see people in a rush they make me nervous:)

    Last night we decided to eat at a sub shop and then go to the book store we had no time frame we made it home when we made it home:)...and we enjoyed ourselves.

    I don't know if people can enjoy themselves unless they are busy?

    I have a friend that has a young daughter 8 years old and she has to keep her busy all the time....she just can't sit? I worry about her...will she be able to grow up and enjoy life without having to be doing something all the time?

    Love the Post!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Rhonda what a lovely refreshing post :) I am only 29 and have two children. When I was working full time I was always rushing about and never seemed to have enough time and was becoming increasingly impatient all the time. Since I have started working 3 days a week I am so much more relaxed as I have more time on my hands. My greatest accomplishment that helped me slow down to where I am now is removing my watch on my non work days. I simply do not wear it and do not take notice of the time. It's one way that helped me slow down and enjoy life at a nicer pace.

  46. Hi Rhonda, I'm a slow-living gal too, and my hubby and I try to avoid shopping in the city because it's just so frantic! Loved this post! :)

  47. I just read your post as I have a small break before "dashing" off to work. Rhonda, thank you for your input that helps me to remember my desires.

  48. I like to go slowly, too. and I'm only 27. I know I probably bother some people sometimes, but as long as I am not blocking an aisle or anything like that, I take my time. It's so much more enjoyable that way. I can really consider any purchases I made.

    I live in the States but I've had those fish & chips in the paper parcels while traveling...I really miss them!

  49. I adore the slow lane and the company is so fine.

  50. thank you for this post, I cant even get out of the house without feeling like I'm rushing

  51. Hi Rhonda,

    We must have had much the same feelings yesterday because this is the same subject that was on my mind when I posted this morning.

    It turned out HOT 80 or so today much to hot for my thick winter blood. So it was a quiet day of puttering in the garden and cleaning out a closet.

    Hope your day went well.

  52. I love "slow"....!! I swing between rushing and slowness. There is so much in my life right now I could feel a little out of control at times, however when I do make time for slowness, I enjoy it immensely.

    The grandchildren, young as they are, already do enough rushing in their little lives so when they come here for a visit I definitely bring out "slow mode" and everyone relaxes, from talking on slow walks to snuggled up together reading books on the front verandah lounge in the sun, to cooking, etc. Slow is good!

  53. I'm afraid I am a rusher. I zip here and zip there. I 'raced' into the supermarket the other morning at 7am, plonked down my 4 items at the express lane and the girl said 'do you always start your day in a rush like this?' - I said 'that's just how I am. This feels normal to me (I hadn't noticed I was rushing)'. I had risen at 5.45 and walked for 45 minutes beforehand.

    Yesterday, I dropped my daughter at the bus stop at 7.30am, drove my hubby into work at 8am, tidied the house, did a load of laundry, showered, picked my Mum up at 9.20am and dropped her at the hospital for day surgery (skin cancer removal - my sister was on duty to pick her up later in the day), went to work to do a quick job, left for Mt.G at 10am, dropped off cupcakes at my daughters school at 10.30am (which I had made the night before), enquired about a new mobile phone until 11am, went to my appointment, had lunch, picked up my daughter from school so she could get her 'P' plate licence, dropped her back, went and organised mobile phone purchase, drove home at 4pm, arrived home at 4.30pm in time to fuel up car and see daughter off to netball practice (on her first maiden voyage driving a car alone - oh my!). Before she left, I scooped a casserole that I had put in the slow cooker in the morning, into a foil container so she could take it for 'casserole teas' at netball. Phew! We had bbq steak and salad later when hubby got home. That was my day - are you tired yet?
    Not all my days are like this but some are. Things were probably more hectic when the girls were smaller but now at least they can drive and cook.
    One day we will slow down but at the moment, as business owners, this is how it is. I can be in a car heading 400kms away to Adelaide at the drop of a hat or on a plane heading interstate to Melbourne or Sydney if my husband needs me to go with him. This is our busy life in a small country town - I think I'd go nuts if we lived in the city and were this busy.

    Cheers - Joolz

  54. i'm only 30 years old and i know what you mean about feeling like a stranger in the slow lane! i just CAN't, and don't, get into isolating gadgets like the Blackberry, Ipod, etc. I drive the speed limit or a little slower on the highway. I never ever rush in stores, and I've gotten those same apologies.

    I'm just fine with it, thank you very much.

    Did you know that many major stores now TIME their checkout cashiers for how quickly they can get through a transaction? (here in the U.S.) so sad...they don't even hand out bags anymore, they spin them to you on a rack ... and of course, they are plastic ...

    sigh. i'll stay right where i am too, thank you very much!

  55. Efficiency is really overrated. As an ideal it is fairly modern on the earth. Anyway, I suspect that many people who are rushing about don't have anything more important to do next than go home and watch TV.
    Some who posted above are obviously tied to other people's schedules in the loving services they perform, but even if that is the case, it's a good idea to allow plenty of time between one task and another so that you can attend to each moment as you have it and not always be trying to get to the next one.
    Jesus could be said to have accomplished more than anyone else who's ever lived, and can you even imagine him hurrying?

  56. This post reminds me of when we were doing our rural thing. We knew we were country people when we went shopping on Tuesday and someone asked to push in front of me to be served first as they were in a hurry. I said, "Sure, go ahead. If I was in a hurry I would have come in on Friday!"

  57. I wholeheartedly agree! When I think of the stressful job I had as a Registered Nurse for many years, I much prefer retirement!

  58. I agree! 100% :) Sarah!

  59. I love this post, Rhonda. I work in retail and the emphasis is on rush, rush, rush. Just last week I was given a verbal warning and lecture because I spent too much time with customers. I had spent a little over 2 minutes each with 2 customers who needed questions answered. Then I got reported for "arguing back", when I said that I thought that customers were our mainstay and without them we wouldn't have a job.

    I'd like not to be in rush myself but I often find myself in a hurry, trying not to tap my foot while in queues. On those days when I am not in a rush I am only too happy to let someone else go ahead or even to say no thank you when someone offers to let me go ahead.

  60. I'm a bit late commenting on this (but hey, who's rushing, hummh? :o)). Just saying, I'm 24 and I still love the slow living and not having to rush. Always have. You don't really get more done by rushing, it's all an illusion and life is meant to be lived slowly and deliberately!

  61. I am guilty of rushing... and of glaring when someone in front of me in the cashier line is being slow. This helped remind me to "relax, take my time and stop rushing". It only stresses you out and makes you more grumpy!


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