You, me and the kitchen sink

19 May 2010
After today's kitchen, I have only two remaining in this series.  I'll start another series as soon as I've featured all the kitchen photos, so stay tuned for some more interesting peeks into the lives of readers all over the world.

Today we peek into Amy's American kitchen.  There is a lot going on in that kitchen with children and guests to feed.  If you visit Amy's blog you'll see some of her turkeys.

We renovated the very outdated kitchen and dining room when we bought this house.  We had very little money so we did the most with what we had.  For the entire kitchen and dining room (they started as two separate rooms) we spent less than $2500 and over a year.   Being a stay at home mom I spend most of my life within the walls of my home.  So I find it very important that my home make me happy and that is what my kitchen does, it makes me smile.  Countless meals have been cooked and eaten in here.  We LOVE to get together with friends and we often have house guests so where people are you must have good food.  And where there is good food there is usually a good mess too ;).  Needless to say many many hours are spent in this room.  It is very functional and very practical.  I like design with a practical use and try to use that throughout my whole house.
One of the most enjoyable things I have discovered over the past year is cooking with friends.  So almost on a weekly basis hours are spent in this kitchen with good friends cooking up some great food.  Laughing and even crying on occasion.  Everyone is welcome!  It is a gathering place.  The door is usually entered with a short knock before walking right in.  If you come through my kitchen door then you are more than likely a good friend and good friends in this kitchen can walk right in and sit right down.  Have yourself a glass of tea and chat for a bit.

On any given day you may find me in here making pasta, cheese, butter, bread, salsa, spaghetti sauce.  Doing Once a Month Cooking, canning, freezing or preserving.  We even have baby turkeys in it at that moment. 

Please don't forget to comment. A comment is like payment for the time taken to post, and in this case in sending in the photos.  Many of us were enthusiastic about this series, so make sure all the photos get a good number of comments.  I don't want any of the people sending in photos to regret joining in.  Thank you friends.