24 September 2009

A day off

Hanno and I are having a day off today. We're going into Brisbane to have a combined birthday lunch for Hanno and Sarndra. Hanno's birthday was last week, Sarndra's birthday is next week so it's a good chance for us to catch up and to celebrate two important events. Someone asked the other day for a photo of Shane and Sarndra's flat. I'm taking my camera and I'll ask them but they have to be totally comfortable with it.

I've just put a lemon meringue pie in the oven to bake. I made it from scratch this morning starting at 5am. Alice sleeps in the kitchen and she must have thought she was dreaming because she just lay there watching me. Shane said he'd make lunch and I said I'd bring dessert. It's always good to share - the food, the tasks, the conversation and the washing up.

Usually at 3pm the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining. This is yesterday in the main street of Maleny.

If you heard about the dust storm over Australia yesterday, it started off in and around Sydney early in the morning with bright red skies. I've never seen anything like it. By early afternoon, I looked out the window at work to see clouds of dust and what looked like a winter's haze. Our dust was a yellow colour and it covered everything, including my car in the car park - Hanno had just washed it.

The drive home from work. Usually on the right hand side you can see blue sky and the pacific ocean.

Before driving home yesterday I visited the building site for our Centre. The frame is up, and I've been told we'll be moving in around 1 December. I'm so excited! The Centre has been operating for 16 years and we've been in all sorts of poky little places. Finally, the government has recognised the work we do and soon we will have this wonderful new building. I can hardly wait.

The frame is up! Our new Centre.

Thank you all for your votes. I really appreciate them and your support. I doubt I'll get anywhere near winning because all the other nominees are very big Asian blogs but being nominated is a prize for me. If you can't register your vote here on the side bar, go here to their site. Remember, you have to vote in every section before you submit your vote.

And now I'm off to check the pie and get ready to go out. I hope you all have a beautiful day.


  1. very nice - congrats on the building and all the work you guys do

    the storm is amazing - never would you guys that there is an ocean behind all the grey/brown colour

    many blessings

  2. Have a lovely day with the kids, Rhonda, and enjoy that lemon meringue. Must make dh one of those soon - it's his favourite dessert. :)

    Congrats on the building - how lovely to have your own space for the wonderful work you do!

    Cath in Sydney

  3. Congratulations Rhonda and good luck!
    Have a lovely day today with your family. It is a beautiful day here on the Gold Coast. Yesterdays dust has all blown away but left a film of red dust on every thing.


  4. Oh my, I can relate to the dust storms. We have them all the time in the spring here in SE New Mexico and West Texas. Our dirt is red.
    With irrigation , the storms are not as bad. When I was a young girl, I can remember the dust storms making it so dark you had to use headlights on your car and turn on lights indoors.

    Hope you had an enjoyable day with family.

  5. Enjoy you day off Rhonda and Hanno. It's amazing to see that the dust reached as far north as you, I heard on the ABC that it was the equivalent of 72,000 semi-trailers worth of topsoil! Good to see your new Centre taking shape.

  6. Hello,
    Happy Autumn although I guess it isn't autumn there. I've never seen anything like that dust storm before. Have you had any in Australia before?? mmmm Lemon meringue pie sounds yummy. It was pie weather here too. I made 4 pies this week and traded one with my neighbor. I love baking so I'm very happy that the weather is cooling off now.
    Hope you had a good lunch and enjoy your pie!!
    ♥ Rebecca

  7. I was thinking about you with all the dust storm news. I didn't know if it would affect you or not...guess it did. I hope all is well!
    I am craving Lemon Meringue pie, but I have allergies to both eggs and lemon. The lemon I could tolerate, they just taste odd to me (this is a new allergy) Eggs on the other hand are pretty hard on me...and darn I love them both! I hoep you enjoy it...enjoy a piece for me as well!
    Hurrah for you all getting the new center building. I'm glad to hear that your government recognizes the good that you are doing.

  8. Just popped in to get that fish recipe you posted last week to add to my menu list for next week! Congratulations on the blog nomination - I voted for you! And I found Burke's Backyard (Sept - finally) in Borders this morning, so I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading your article. I made your Ginger Beer up for my family and our neighbours as well. I'm dropping their bottles off to them this afternoon, but the kids love it (so does my husband). Now I've done it once I feel more confident for the next lot - I think I'll add a tad more ginger. Are you supposed to drink it as soon as you tighten the bottle caps? We did! I wasn't sure whether you're supposed to let it sit for awhile or not?
    I heard on our local radio this morning that our Southern Alps ( a few miles to the west of us, and visible from my home) have a light dusting of red along the top where there is still a good deal of winter snow! The dust from Sydney has made it all the way over here. Amazing!
    Hope you're having a lovely day.

  9. We here at the Gold Coast were covered in that dust too, as was my sister in Toowoomba. That is a lot of dust! It was eeriy and beautiful, if not a nusiance! We had just been to Maleny on the weekend staying with friends. Lucky for us the dust storm didn't strike while we were there as we had a lovely time and lovely weather. :)

  10. The dust storm passed south western NSW a day before it arrived in Sydney but we must have been on the edge of it.
    The sky had a slight red tinge - like bushfire smoke without the smell, but we missed out on the thick fog-like cloud portrayed on the Sydney TV news.

    The next day there was some settled dust on most surfaces but I've seen it worse in this area.

    When the storm passed here there was not a great deal of wind at ground level, but the reddish colour had gone from the sky by mid afternoon so there must have been some high altitude winds driving it along.

  11. It can take a while for the Powers That Be to cotton on to the valuable part volunteers play in the community. I'm pleased that your efforts have finally been recognised and you'll be tucked up soon in your new centre.

    Have a lovely day

  12. Hello Rhonda!

    I must say; you and your blog has changed my way of living! I'm reading it every day, because I've just found you, so there's a lot of "old stuff" to read.

    I have been a housewife for nine years, and that is very unusual here in Norway, allmost every mother are working away from home from their children are about one year old. I have never wanted that because I've always dreamt of beeing a housewife and I most of all want to spend most of my time with my family. I have also been very focused on how we can take care of the nature.But I haven't really been any good at none of them.

    You inspire me so, and I learn a lot of you about how I can organize my life! I have never been
    organized, but I have started this week, and it's so relaxing!!! It gives me such peace, because I know what's for dinner, what I am going to do that day and how much money we have left.

    I send you a big hug and a armful of flowers all the way down to Australia =)

  13. Hi Rhonda

    The dust storm was the lead story on Wednesday's 6.00pm TV news here. Even where you are it looks scary. Other side of the weather storm = cold, showery and some snow here. Maybe dust in the sunsets tomorrow.

    I hope you had a wonderful celebratory lunch, lemon meringue pie always goes down well. I made your pastry recipe this week - just brilliant, and enough for two pies! Second half is in the freezer.

    New Community Centre looks exciting now the framing is up. With new buildings do you have a "roof shout" in Aussie?

    Thank you for all you share,

    Michelle in Wellington

  14. Hi I tried to vote but cant see the button so am trying on the link you put up. I hope it works, you said you may not win because the others are big asian/pacific blogs but you never know...you are very popular for good reason but either way, I want to vote regardless because I think you deserve it. You are having dust storms and we are having rain storms. I wish the weather in the world would stabilize.


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