16 October 2008

Swap News and a BIG Thank-you

UPDATE: Thanks for letting me know Kim and I will take you off the list! Thanks Kris, your parcel will be on its way.
Hello all. I hope that everyone has taken the time to visit Rhonda's new site : http://simple-green-frugal-co-op.blogspot.com/ you will find lots of information from sewing, cooking, and landscaping ideas to saving money! I also wish to thank the three kind and talented ladies that are helping me make pin cushions and needlebooks for the ladies who never received their parcels from their swap buddies-Ann, Christine, and Stephanie. Kudos ladies!! How lucky I am to belong to a blog community that is so generous and talented! I have heard from four of the ladies who never received their parcels, but still need to hear from Amy-you need to send me an e-mail (cdetroyes at yahoo dot com) with your address and the nameof your swap buddy. As soon as I get the e-mail we can get busy and get parcels out to you!! Oh, and Rhonda, so glad you are getting rain!
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