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13 October 2008

The news isn't getting any better, is it? I have never seen our nations' leaders working so co-operatively to try to stop a world-wide recession turning into a full blown depression. The initial steps taken a couple of weeks ago with "rescue" packages didn't do what was expected and the stock markets around the world continue to crash almost every day. It's Monday morning here and it will be interesting to see what happens here and in Hong Kong.

While that is all dismal news, I do have some good news for you. Along with a group of other writers, I have started another blog. It's a co-operative of writers who have similar values to mine and who are working towards a simple, green and frugal future. So what have we called this new venture? It's the Simple | Green | Frugal Co-op and it's open right now. You can find it here.

I will keep Down to Earth going. This is my baby and I'm not abandoning her, but the co-op expands on what I write about here in certain significant ways. Most of you know I'm 60 and Hanno is almost 70, we see things from a different perspective to those much younger. We don't have children living at home any more, we aren't studying now, we are established, we have no debt. Of course, we still remember what it was like during all of those stages but times have changed so much I can't write about those younger stages with an honest heart. I wanted to be part of a project that gives you honest, reliable and authentic information that is written by people who live it.

So I went searching. I looked for people who wrote well, who live what they write about, and who are at various stages of life. They also needed to be generous enough to want to be a part of a co-operative and who would share their stories away from their own blogs. I wanted passionate writers who shared my values and could help others live more simply. I couldn't be happier with the group who said "yes" so let me introduce you to them, in no particular order:
  • Julie from Towards Sustainability
  • Paul from A Posse Ad Esse
  • Melinda from 1 Green Generation
  • Marc from Garden Desk
  • FT from Notes from the Frugal Trenches
  • Sadge from Firesign Farm
  • Heather from Beauty that Moves
  • Eilleen from Consumption Rebellion
  • my good friend Sharon will help with admin
  • and myself
There are another six writers who have not yet committed and others who will be added as we progress through the coming months.

We hope to quickly build up an online resource that will help you change those things you need to change, we hope to inspire you to simplify and live to your true potential and we hope to help you survive the crash, in whatever form that comes.

I invite you to read our new blog and to connect with all the bloggers who write there; they all have excellent personal blogs. And please, it will help me a lot to have your feedback, both here and over there.


  1. What can I say Dear Rhonda but thankyou once again.
    Warm hugs
    The other Rhonda

  2. Great idea. I don't often write about the simple, frugal way we live because it's such second nature. (I sometimes poke fun at it with 'Skinflint Sunday' posts written at infrequent weeks.) As a mother with teenagers, I'm always open to new ideas and thoughts about how to best manage what we have, and also to get the kids as far away from the current teenage mindset of conspicuous consumption as I can. (Most of the time it's possible...) I'll pop over and have a look.

  3. Hi Rhonda Jean,

    Loved the new blog. Fantastic. Tried to leave a comment but it did not go through? Plus could not open the follower page. I have no trouble with your blog so wonder if its teething problems??
    I will defintely be following it as its tough times everywhere and we need to be in community together to get through it.
    Congrats and cheers,

  4. Hi Ladies, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

    Juanita, sorry you're having problems at the co-op. One of our writers is having problems signing in so I've emailed blogger for help. I hope to get it sorted out soon.

  5. Thankyou Rhonda, and to all the other writers for this project - you are so generous with your gift of communication! xxx

  6. Rhonda, Thank you very, very much for offering us another avenue to find help in these trying times. For some of us this will be a reminder of things learned in the past during downturns, as well as new ways to stay on our feet and keep moving toward strengthening our families.
    As usual, when the times get tough, the tough get going. And you have!
    Our prayers for you and your family. JudieJ

  7. Oh Rhonda I 'm going to the Co op site right now what a great group of writers you have put together, I did see the link on julies blog last night but got distracted before following it! Great work and thankyou!

  8. Rhonda, you are brilliant. Last week you prepared us for fewer posts during the week this week you deliver us an additional blog!

    It looks promising, and I wish you and the other contributors every success.


  9. Hi Rhonda!

    I am excited about your new venture. I keep up with a couple of the other authors on my reader, and am excited to hear from the others as well.

    Thanks so much for thinking of offering this new resource!


  10. This is wonderful, just don't leave this blog. I read it everyday and love it.

  11. well that is nice, good luck with the new blog, going to pop over now.
    Gill in Canada

  12. What a fantastic group of people you have gather together.

    Good Luck and Best Wishes on your new adventure

    Kind Regards

  13. Hi Rhonda Jean :) Congratulations! What a super idea! I will look forward to visiting with you there, too. Hope that you have a lovely week. Love, Q

  14. What a great idea Rhonda! It looks great and will be a fabulous resource! Thank you!

  15. What a great idea and such a positive way to deal with what is happening nowadays.

    A few days ago i saw a great video on youtube:
    Here you can see a lovely woman in her ninetees who was a child during the great depression. She tells about it and makes a recipe she ate a lot those days.
    People who have lived during the great depression and the war have a lot of ideas were we can learn from.

    Annikka from the Netherlands

  16. Hi,
    What a great idea. I love that all the participants are in different parts of the world and at different stages of their journey, so we should all be able to find something to relate to.

    Now we all need to group together to make Australia the first solar powered country...we have the technology.

  17. Your new blog sounds perfect. I'm going over there now. Thanks.

  18. You are awesome to do this for so many others! I am proud to "know" you!

  19. I'm so excited!!! The information we glean from each other is so valuable during these tought times! Great idea!!


  20. Beloved friend of the great-big-loving-kind-and-caring-giving-mother's-heart, of course you would think of something so wonderful and practical when times are so very uncertain and hard for many. The new site is such an excellent idea, and it looks great. Many thanks to each one that has taken, and will be taking the time to contribute--very kind. Much love and a big hug to you, beatutiful lady....for being you. A big hug and love to that handsome potato diggin', tea drinkin', best friend to his lovely sweetheart, man of yours, too. ((Rhonda Jean)) ((Hanno)).
    xoxo Jewels

  21. Hi Rhonda
    What a wonderful idea. I read your blog every day and learn so much but as you say you cannot be everything to everyone. This new blog and the group of writers you have put together will help and guide us through these tough times where ever we are in the world and in our lives. Thank you so much for this and everything you do for all of us.


  22. Again, a wonderful idea! I've been to the site and really like the layout with all the tabs for specific information. Am looking forward to seeing it grow.



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