It's raining!

16 October 2008
I just had to tell you that. : - ))) It's been raining all night and all the tanks are full to overflowing! Happy days. I'm leaving now to go away for a couple of days. Don't forget to update at the simple | green | frugal co-op while I'm away. There's lots of great reading over there.


  1. I hope you have a great restful time.

    Great news about the rain, I know ya'll need it.

    Caryn, Texas USA

  2. I'm jealous. It's frighteningly dry in Melbourne.

  3. Yay, lucky you! It's a good feeling to have those rain tanks full again. We had one good soaking rain about a two weeks ago and we're hoping for some this weekend!


  4. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question...but, what do you do when the rain tanks are full? Where do you direct the water?

  5. What a wonderful tribute to recycling our most precious resource!

  6. Hi Rhonda Jean :) How wonderful! Rainy days are such a blessing.

    Making homemade butter with my sweeties here tonight and thought of you :)

    Have a good time away. Love, Q

  7. Hi Rhonda, Are you out in the rain...singing & dancing? Please do a rain dance for us in Melbourne.
    The simple/green /frugal co-op site is wonderful. It is great to have so much food for thought in one site. Thank you!

  8. A little rainy day reading for you and your visitors. I hope you enjoy it.

    Learn to Live the Not-So-Big Lifestyle

  9. Don't you just love rain?! I do. That veggie garden looks great! My little container garden doesn't compare... :(

  10. The rain was wonderful, leaking roof and all - not our roof but the roof at my new job.


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