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1 October 2008

Of all the household tasks I do every week, ironing is the one I struggled with the most. I have tried it every which way, and nothing seemed to help me squeeze any joy from it. In the end, I defied my own advice and did it quickly while watching TV. pffffffffffft

However, progress has been made. I hate giving up or giving in to anything. I have pushed and prodded ironing, I've moved from room to room looking for the perfect place and finally, my friends, I can tell you I've hit pay dirt. I have been ironing these past few days and I have enjoyed it! Persistence and the radio were the keys!

I used to have the ironing board set up in the spare bedroom (where there is a TV) but when we had a few visitors one after the other a month or so ago, I moved the ironing board into the small single bedroom left it set up there. I was doing some quick ironing in there a couple of weeks ago and realised I actually liked ironing better without the TV blathering away in the corner. I looked around the room and decided to set up an ironing station as there was a narrow table in there that was perfect for the task.

A few days ago, I moved everything around to suit the ironing. I faced the table to the window, found an old woollen blanket and cotton sheet and covered the table with them. The jewel in the crown though was a radio. I found our little radio that we use when there is a blackout and I put that on the shelf near the table. It actually tuned to Radio National, my favourite station, and that made me realise I would love ironing in that room. All our other radios don't pick up Radio National so I used to download podcasts to listen to on my little iPod. Now I just have to find the electric cable so I can plug it in and not play it with batteries.

So for the past few days I've been testing myself with the ironing and each day I have loved it. There is a radio guide online so I check it in the morning and if there is something interesting I set myself up to iron while I listen. I've been getting through a lot of ironing and I finally feel like I've found my true ironing home. Long live good radio and ironing stations with a view!

This is my ideal ironing room, it's Deb's from Homespun Living. Isn't it gorgeous. Mind you, I think only people who are living simply would describe a laundry room as gorgeous. :- ) Another ironing post, this time from Posy.

It just goes to show me, yet again, that most simple ordinary things hold their own joy and beauty, if only you look enough to find it.


  1. Hi Rhonda,

    I one of the crazy few that LOVE to iron. When I was in high school, I didn't babysit to make extra money I ironed!


  2. Rhonda,
    Your view looks beautiful as is all of your homestead.
    Wishing you a blessed day my friend.

  3. Hi Rhonda
    I have never liked ironing. Hate is too strong a word but for sure I have never liked it. I have taken the opposite route though and have given up ironing. I still have an iron and ironing board ( I have ironed at the table as my grandma alway did)for weddings and job interviews but for the rest I fold or place on the hanger whilst wet. Our clothes dont look any the worst for it (well, they dont to me - others may think we look very creased!)and it gives me more time to spend on more pleasureable tasks.
    Happy Ironing!

  4. I don't iron but I do absolutely love Radio National and cannot believe the high quality of its programs...the book show, lingua franca and of course, my favourite, Phillip Adams on late night live. I'm not usually one to rave about the latest technologies but the ipod and the ability to download these wonderful programs is a remarkable invention of this century ..lol..(I'm not usually so enthuisiastic of the latest technologies)

  5. I think I am an ironing hater but it certainly does feel easier to do when you have a view to enjoy. On the issue of laundry rooms - don't get me started. Certainly, I strongly believe that house planners never give enough space or thought to these rooms. I honestly believe they should be the size of a bedroom, full of well planned cupboards for storage, a table for sewing and room for the ironing board and a clotheshorse or two. O and they should be decorated as much as any other room in the house because a lot of our work is done there and why shouldn't we feel happy there too. Have I said too much?!! Cherrie

  6. Hello Rhonda,
    I dont mind ironing but put it off and put it off until I cant any longer. I do love Radio National though and listen to it all day when I am home which is most of the time. It certainly does help you breeze through those daily tasks and is so informative. The only other person I know who is an avid listener is my son. So glad to know you enjoy it as we do.


  7. I also like to iron(use to hate it). But I wash everyday and then I iron in the afternoon while I'm watching Dr Phil and to me it is not a task anymore. Sometimes I might only have 3-4 things that need to be ironed. It usually only takes me 20mins and then it is all done. It has to be done in the lounge as we are a one TV family.

  8. I am one child moving out away from having an ironing room. I am hoping my 20 year old gets sick of the pokey little spare room and moves on to greener pastures at some stage in the foreseeable future then that room is mine!!!!

    I already know exactly how i will set it up with my ironing board and a table, a cabinet for storing lavender water etc in and a cupboard for my excess fabrics or blankets not in use......

    yeah I know he isn't going anywhere soon he has just started a traineeship but I can dream can't I ?????????


    PS; In case anyone is wondering I actually adore all 7 of my chilren inlcuding the noiseiest, untidiest, most "disruptivist" - who in our family happens to reside in the one person - the one living in my future ironing room!!

  9. Funnily enough I wrote about my own love of ironing on my blog not too long ago.

  10. Summers years ago (when I wasn't working outside the home) I would get up really early and lift the ironing board outside my back door (no laundry rooms in an average UK house!) and I would iron whilst listening to the birds and enjoying the first of the morning sunshine. I can definitely tell you that those times were the only times I enjoyed ironing! I think I'd enjoy ironing with the view from your ironing table too RJ :)

  11. One thing I did want to mention is that since coming here and determining that I amnot onw my own we have had one significatnt change in our home. I have alwasy ahted my kitchen it is small and quite unworkable well it was but now I have rearranged things and my son has painted the kitchen cupboards with some mis tint paint from the ahrdware store where he works on the weekends> Now I need to sand and seal the benchtops and my old kitchen will be very very "me" . I cannot describe how liberating it is not to think I need to apologise for my weird little kitchen anymore.

    Becasue living simply is simply living.


  12. Hi Rhonda
    I used to love ironing and got a great deal of satisfaction from a job well done. I also used my ironing time as thinking time. I think I must have got "all ironed out" because I really struggle to do it now. One problem is standing to iron as I cant stand for long periods and I have never mastered the art of ironing when seated. I am in the process of making my spare bedroom into a craft room and an ironing station would be a good thing to have in there. I will take up your suggestion of a radio. You have given me something to ponder on here . . . . . I must try and get some job satisfaction back.
    Cheers, Eileen.

  13. I love love love ironing, and I just bought a Rowenta steamer, which is ALMOST as much fun as ironing. I iron at night when it's quiet. I love your idea of planning to iron when something is good on the radio.

  14. Hi Rhonda
    It's funny isn't it, it seems to be a job we all either love or hate! I personally don't enjoy it, so tend to hang most of my washing on coat hangers and I find this reduces the need to iron! However at the moment my Mum has moved into a nursing home and I'm continuing to do her washing which of course I always iron before I take it back, and it's amazing to me but I actually enjoy doing HER ironing as I take pleasure from bringing it back to her, all neatly pressed and folded, even her hankies!
    I'm glad you've found a way to enjoy another aspect of your wonderful life


  15. i will take your word for it hehe
    we r naughty and hang up asap so maybe u dont need to iron
    or iron as we go..:)
    i suspect this will change with the onset of school uniforms next year but for now
    im still trying to come to terms with finding the enjoyment in the dishes!!!

  16. Rhonda I feel your pain:-) Jewels kidded me so bad about my distaste for ironing that she sent me a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's ironing spray in geranium. It did help I must say! Was nice to spray on the clothes and made it go by that much quicker:-) I just might have to send you some of that if you can't get it where you are!

  17. Hi Rhonda,

    We've taken the simple route, no ironing at all, and we firmly state that we are helping to save the world by taking such a stance. Think of all the fossil fuel used across the earth in the pursuit of flat clothing :-)

  18. Hi Rhonda,
    I used to hate ironing too until I discovered audio books! I check them out of the library and look forward to my ironing/story-telling sessions as a little bit of timeout from the busyness of life, all while being productive too.
    Rachel from NZ

  19. I used to loathe it, but now I quite enjoy it as I have something I really want to watch on tv or listen to on the radio, so it takes my mind off it. When my children were younger, in the summer I used to get an extension lead and go and do the ironing on the front path, so I could supervise the children at the same time. Ironing outside is GREAT! Not in the rain though . . . : )

    I like the ironing table - SO much better than my ironing board. Now kicking myself as I have just rehomed what would have been a perfect ironing table!

  20. Hi Rhonda,
    Love the ironing room but I really love the ironing table. What a great idea to use a table to iron on, most times the simple ideas are the best.....

  21. Rhonda and fellow blogglers,
    Glad to hear I'm not the only person with a love of radio national. I think Alan Saunders (Sat. 9.00a.m.) by design program is unmissable. I'm not sure if its the content of the show or Alan's posh english accent that does it for me. Ironing to "The Good Life" d.v.d.'s is another way of barring the pain!

  22. When I moved to the country I gave up ironing. The wind blows the creases out of my line-dried wash, and the only thing I iron now is pillowcases - to avoif wrinkly cheeks! I save electricity, time and temper - lovely!

  23. I'm not much of an ironer but my table linens do need it. I found that buying a really nice quality iron went along way in making he job easier (not so physically demanding and nice steam). Also a nice cover on my ironing board makes it a bit more pleasurable.
    Deb's laundry room is one of my favorites!


  24. I never iron. I buy iron-free clothing. And my household textiles tend towards heavy crinkle-free fabrics.
    I would rather do almost anything else! I just find it one of those useless tasks we've created in the modern age that we think we're supposed to do. lol

  25. Rhonda et al,

    For several years, I avoided ironing. I didn't see the point in wasting my time doing it. But then, one day, my girlfriend ironed some clothes for me and I realised that my unironed clothing just didn't look as neat and tidy as her efforts. Since then, I've been ironing my own clothes. I do it sat in front of the TV watching something that doesn't take much brain matter or attention (such as Star Trek or something similar). I find that I get it all done and I've still had time to enjoy TV.

    I wouldn't say that I enjoy ironing but its something I realise I should be doing so I get on with it.

  26. Hi, I just found your blog and it looks like it is right up my alley. I am always trying to simplify my life. I too have found that I can't iron with the TV on. I end up watching TV and going really slowly. Since I don't like to iron, getting it done faster would be best. So I typically iron in silence. I think I will try the radio though,as that just requires your ears, not your eyes too.

  27. My mother was an old fashioned homemaker but the one task she loathed was ironing. Nevertheless she ironed everything, she put those creases down the front of my jeans!, even my Dad's boxer shorts and undershirts, sheets and all linens. If anyone in our house said they were bored or didn't have anything to do (or they were cold) they were sent off to do the ironing. I guess I learned that ironing was something to be avoided at all cost. Although I don't iron much I do iron my tablecloths and I love the idea of an ironing table, I have an ironing board and it's just not big enough.
    I just checked out the Homespun blog, lovely. How about those mug cozies for your hand made holiday gift idea list.

  28. Hi Rhonda
    I am of the only iron if I have to school. I used to leave it until the basket was so full I couldn't see over it or nobody had anything to wear. The solution for me was to do it when my husband comes in from work. I set the ironing board up just outside the bathroom door and we chat about his day as I iron and he washes. Only takes fifteen or so minutes if I do it every day.
    I love your ironing table. Reminds me of my mother who always ironed on our dining table, a big old oak thing, wish I had it now.


  29. I can certainly understand about the ironing. When I first started to look for more frugal ideas about living our life, one thing I found out was my dh was spending a little over $100 US dollars on just a basic wash, starch and press on his jeans and work shirts.

    Well that had to stop!

    So I invested in a really nice press(and the fact I can use it in my quilting didn't hurt either) and now I am doing his laundry myself as well as anything else that needs doing and that $$ is coming home to ME to use the best way I can.

    Some days I don't want to do it sure but in the end when I have a nice stack of pressed, starched shirts and pants I DO get a feeling of satisfaction in a job well done!

    Now if I can just get my sewingroom organized I can set up my own ironing station! You have inspired me to get it done.

    On a quick side note, after failure again and again I made your bread in the tutorial--It worked!

    I was so proud ha ha!


  30. Ironing is my most hated chore. I still own an iron and a board, but the way I see it - it's a waste of electricity, it's a waste of my time, and it spoils my mood! So it's now 'against my religion' to iron *grin*.
    I guess if I had to wear tidy suits to work every day I would iron - but for now I'm really very happy in an ironing-free home, and I have more time to spend in my garden or with my son and cats :)

  31. Maybe I need to start thinking about making myself a place where I can enjoy ironing..I HATE ironing and pretty much RARELY do it,,LOL.My poor family,,all wrinkly!



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