Swap Photos

20 September 2008
Hello all. I hope everyone is having a relaxing week-end. I have posted 15 photos of our swap goodies on our flickr site with is listed on the side panel. I will be back tomorrow with more photos and a few links that show some fun ideas for hand-made holiday gifts. Hugs Sharon


  1. Hi Sharon, I have recently started reading the blog and loving it. I am sure you are still busy wrapping up this last swap, but do you have a timeline and idea for the next one? I am anxious to join in. Have a great day! Kimberlyann

  2. Hi Kimberlyann-we will be having another swap-but we have to wrap this one up first and then get started on the next one. Just keep reading and you will see the sign-up posted.

  3. Hi Sharon. Thanks for posting the photos. I've been blown away by what everyone sent! I'm so proud of all my swappers. Well done everyone.

  4. Wow, some lovely swaps! I received a gorgeous pin cushion/needle holder in one from Shelley and will send the photo soon. I have been ill and am behind but I am keeping in touch with Shelley and hope to have hers in the post next week.

    Thanks so much Sharon and Rhonda for organising this xxx

  5. I was also wondering about your swaps...how do I go about joining in for the next one?


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