9 September 2008

Down in the dumps

You are all such sweet people. Thank you, yet again, for your warm and loving comments.

I'm afraid it's not over yet - this hole we seem to be in just keeps getting bigger. I really hate to complain, I am by nature an optimist, but this run of bad luck continues. I have my sciatia back again. I suffered from it sometime last year and now it's returned. I think it's from the car trip and sleeping in a strange bed. It started at work yesterday, the pain got worse through the day and in the afternoon my friend gave me two of her valium tablets to help with what I then thought was a back spasm. I took half a tablet, because I'm not used to taking anything like that and I thought I would go to sleep at work. It didn't help the pain and just made me sleepy. Later, at home, I took some Voltarin and went to bed but I couldn't sleep at all and was up and down all night. Anyhow, long story short - it's better this morning but I can't sit at the computer long enough to write anything decent. And to make matters worse, Hanno has a dentist appointment today to have two teeth removed.

But there is some good news. Alice had an antibiotic injection yesterday, the vet shaved and cleaned up the bite, she has some antibiotic tablets and she seems much better. It did, however, cost us $200 at the vet. :- (

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow in a better frame of mind and able to write something of value.

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