9 September 2008

Down in the dumps

You are all such sweet people. Thank you, yet again, for your warm and loving comments.

I'm afraid it's not over yet - this hole we seem to be in just keeps getting bigger. I really hate to complain, I am by nature an optimist, but this run of bad luck continues. I have my sciatia back again. I suffered from it sometime last year and now it's returned. I think it's from the car trip and sleeping in a strange bed. It started at work yesterday, the pain got worse through the day and in the afternoon my friend gave me two of her valium tablets to help with what I then thought was a back spasm. I took half a tablet, because I'm not used to taking anything like that and I thought I would go to sleep at work. It didn't help the pain and just made me sleepy. Later, at home, I took some Voltarin and went to bed but I couldn't sleep at all and was up and down all night. Anyhow, long story short - it's better this morning but I can't sit at the computer long enough to write anything decent. And to make matters worse, Hanno has a dentist appointment today to have two teeth removed.

But there is some good news. Alice had an antibiotic injection yesterday, the vet shaved and cleaned up the bite, she has some antibiotic tablets and she seems much better. It did, however, cost us $200 at the vet. :- (

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow in a better frame of mind and able to write something of value.



  1. Ouch! Back pain is nasty. Take it easy and let it heal.

  2. Remember in the bible it says 'it came to pass' not 'it came to stay'. I'm not religious but it was a welcome thought after 14 hours in labour! and they were right, it all passes.
    Hope you are feeling more bouncy and back to normal by tomorrow.

  3. Ouch for both of you. Hope you and Hanno take it easy for a good bit-don't push yourselves!! Glad that Alice is better. We went through that last week with our outside kitty-he still looks funny with part of his tail shaved-and he knows it, too. Hugs for both of you!!

  4. Oh I hope this period is short for you both. Normally it is you who spread joy and light and inspiration. You are needed so it feels only right that others should try to comfort you. You focus light on something which is soooo true - good health is a blessing. I guess too that like myself you are usually healthy and fighting fit and to not feel that way is a hard blow. Pain wears one down. I am a real whiner on those rare occasions. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are both back to good health in no time. Take care.
    Ramona K

  5. Don't worry about us - take care of yourself, and Hanno and Alice! I am glad that Alice is on the road to recovery, but I feel your pain on the veterinary bills. Feel better soon ---- susan in upstate ny.

  6. My husband had siatica - what saved him was physio.He went three times a week for six weeks and it has really made all the difference - time consuming as he has to do exercises every day - but no drugs or surgery and he is pretty much cured.

  7. Praying for you today Rhonda Jean.


  8. I hope you feel better soon! Sciatica is no fun. :(

  9. Sorry to hear you are feeling down Rhonda. It does happen to the best of us. I recently have had a down time myself.
    A friend told me yesterday to have something to look forward to, like a reward. The reward doesn't have to be materialistic, it can be something like 'when I get to this point/done I will be able to do XXXX which I am looking forward to'.
    Pain and illness can be difficult to deal with.
    Tomorrow IS a new day, and coming into spring so very fresh and exciting!
    Bec xxx

  10. *big hugs*

    I hope your back is feeling better soon and so are you. And don't worry too much about the blog, it's much more important that you're in good shape again :)

  11. I'm sorry you've had such a run of bad luck Rhonda. I hope things start to improve for you.

  12. I am sorry to hear of all your difficulties. Glad to hear Alice is on the mend, though. It sure is vital to be optimistic but it's also perfectly human to not feel like that ALL the time, especially when you're in pain! When one thing after the other keeps happening it is easy to feel like you're turning into a complainer, but take it from someone who has to live with a chronic condition, if you EVER needed to keep talking about the difficulties of how to cope with things you would ALWAYS have an ear to hear you (and a shoulder to cry on if needed) with me! We've had a lot of good things in our lives this year but also a ton of difficulties, so I know what it's like.

    Hoping you get all the healing and help you need, hugs from Marilyn

  13. Yikes! Back pain is always a nuisance and I dread anything dental. I'm so glad Alice is better and hopefully that's the start of things turning around for you all.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you both!


  14. Hi Rhonda,
    Nothing worse than back pain, I hope you are feeling better and the pain eases soon. Just take it easy and lots of rest will help.
    Hugs to Hanno having teeth removed ouch...

    Thinking of you

    Tracie xx

  15. Hi Rhonda. Your body is probably a bit tired at the moment. Greif and stress does that. Have you tried accupuncture for your sciatica? We have used a Chinese Accupuncture Herbalist guy for our ailments for years. Unfortunately he is 200 km away now. He worked wonders with my Sciatica.

  16. Oh, you poor darlings. It never rains but it pours.
    I do hope you feel better very soon and Hanno's dentist visit goes smoothly.
    Much as I love visiting you both please take some time for yourselves, to recharge and revive.
    I have trouble with alsorts of medication sending me to sleep. I slept through my second daughter's birth when a silly nurse gave me pethodine by mistake.

    Pippa xx

  17. ps

    Sorry forgot poor Alice, so gled she's on the mend.


  18. Sending positive thoughts to you and Hanno, hope you're both feeling better soon; glad to hear that Alice is on the mend :)
    don't worry about us; you take care of yourselves, that must be your priority

  19. So sorry. I have only had back pain when I broke my vertabrae but I know it takes over your nerves too, like a toothache. I hope you feel better soon.
    It won't rain always as the saying goes. The Sun gonna shine in it's own good time. You'll get through this.
    We had a big vet bill on our cat not too long ago when he got scratched in a fight. I was shocked at the $300 price tag. Now our little dog has developed a big knot on his little side, so it is off to the vet again. I hope we have enough money to pay the bill.

  20. Rhonda,

    It sounds like you are in need of some rest:)

    I hope you will be able to rest for a few days. I was thinking you could do a bit of stitching but I would imagine sitting probably hurts to?

    I will be praying that you get some comfort in the next few days:)

    Love to you both,


  21. I am so sorry to hear the run of bad luck. I certainly hope it all makes a turn for the better very soon. I will keep you in my prayers. You are, after all, one of the most popular and loved bloggers in this blogdom.

  22. Hoping you get well soon Rhonda!
    Take care.


  23. hugs to you all Rhonda, Hanno and Alice you are all really going through it at the moment aren't you.I wish there was something I could say or do to make things better for you love.Try and rest as much as you can and recover,you must all be really run down just now with your health and grief too. We'll be thinking of you with positive thoughts and hope a for a brighter time to come.
    take care,speak soon


  24. Hi RJ,
    Hope you feel better soon. My yoga teacher taught me some stretches to help with this kind of pain. My physio also endorsed these exercises. There are different ones for differnt causes so seeing a physio is often a good idea :)
    Meantime I am battling a slight case of pneumonia so not much happening here either. I also hate the dentist so feel sorry for Hanno!
    take care of you both

  25. A warm wheat pillow is to hand for each of you I hope. I wish I could drop off some soup but it's a long drive from the Illawarra!


  26. I agree with lizzie Rhonda.A good physio is invaluable to help with your siatica and the specific exercises a good standby for when you feel a niggle coming on in the future.These can often prevent a major flair up.(My daughter is a physio,very handy!)

  27. I'm glad you and Alice both feel a little better today. Take care of your health and when you feel better there will be time to catch up on the rest. You are what keeps everything else in line so sometimes you have to come first. I hope tomorrow is better still.

  28. Dear Rhonda
    Oh boy there is nothing like that kind of pain. I usually lay down and do my best to find a spot I can lay in. Then, put a hot pack on the area that hurts. The hot pack seems to at least help the pain and I can sleep for a while. Will remember you in my prayers. I feel bad that you are hurting when you bring so much joy to us.

  29. Try to relax and not think about "bad luck". I believe good things come to those who do good - and you certainly do that at your job! I hope it eases up over the next day or two and then goes away completely! Tell Hanno good luck at the dentist - I hate dental work! Glad Alice is progressing.

  30. Hi Rhonda..I don't comment as much as I used to but wanted to let you know that I've been thinking of you during all of this. Am glad you were able to go for the service and to spend some time with your family. It's always difficult to lose someone so special and I'm sure it's incredibly frustrating to be having additional difficulties. Hopefully Alice will continue to heal and that your body will also continue to mend. My best wishes to you....

  31. I feel your pain. I don't have it but my husband does. It is awful. Hope you feel better soon.

  32. Rhonda:

    I am so for your pain.

    Bakersfield, CA, USA

  33. when it rains, it pours ....

    you are very much in my thoughts, rhonda. the sun will soon shine for you, i KNOW it.


  34. Best wishes for a quick recovery. Back pain is the worst. Try cosying up in bed with a pillow under your knees, it takes the strain off your lower back. Rest up and I hope your feeling better soon.

    We had a white frost here this morning, now it is a beautiful sunny day so I'll send you some sunshine in my thoughts.

    Julie, Millicent SA

  35. I'm so sorry for your tribulations. Long car rides aggravate my sciattica, as well.

    I'm relieved to hear that Alice is improving, but is there any chance the offending dog's owner would pay the bill?

  36. oh Rhonda..I really hope you get to feeling better sweety.
    back pain is awful.
    I really hope that the sun starts shining again in your little corner of the world and that things get better soon.
    please stop by my blog..I have a bloggers award for you.
    hugs, Tina

  37. I know how the back pain feels, I had to leave work and stay off for four days last year when the sciatic nerve was being pinched.
    I honestly hope that you feel better soon. I am so sorry for all the bad things happening to you right now. At the same time I am liking the better news with Alice. My best wishes to you!

  38. Back pain is horrible! I am so sorry and feel your pain. A compromised Sciatic nerve is no small thing.
    I am still recovering from back surgery and feel sympathy for any who suffer this terriable aliment.
    Take it easy and don't push too hard. Hope hanno and Alice up and feeling sprite soon. Take care of you!
    With sympathy, Beth

  39. Hi Rhonda Jean :) Sending hugs for you and Hanno - praying that you will feel MUCH better VERY quickly, and that his dental appt & recovery will go well. Love you so! Q

  40. Ouch to both of you. I had a tooth out last year and whilst it didn't hurt, the bill certainly did! Sciatica is the pits. I swear by Bowen Therapy, which is a non-invasive (and non bone-crunching) treatment which concentrates on relocating muscles to where they ought to be - easiest way I can explain it.

    I hope that you are both feeling better soon and surface from the negative spell you are in right now.

  41. Gosh, when it rains it pours doesn't it? I get back trouble quite badly as well from an accident a couple of years ago. Take it easy!

    Glad to hear about Alice, that is very good news!


  42. Hi Rhonda Jean,
    I've been thinking of you these last few days, and sorry to hear you've now got sciatic pain to add to it.
    I get that (ever since I had babies) and I know how painful and tiring it is. I walk around like a cripple with it - one thing that helps is to lie flat on the floor for 10 minutes (no longer)every day with a bag of frozen peas (or crushed ice or something similar) on your back or hip 3 or 4 times a day (totally relaxed).and do it every day as long as you need to.
    This was advice from a physio here in NZ.
    I hope that things will return to normal for you soon. Take care,
    Rachel L

  43. Hi there Rhonda, I have been following your blog for about the past 12 months. I unfortunately lost my own business after a hysterectomy that went wrong & have been on centrelink benefits ever since. Your blog has been extremely beneficial & a valuable help while i have been recovering & trying to live simply. LOL. During this period my 17yo daughter delivered twins last week & is living with me. I also have sciatica & have recently lost our beautiful border collie & my step father. Your blog keeps me going. Good luck with everything with you and Hanno and Alice. I know i have never posted before but this time i thought i should stop by.
    Sue http://suesweightlosschallenge.blogspot.com/

  44. All these things come at once sometimes don't they. I do hope your back pain gets better soon, Isn't keeping moving with gentle movements/exercise the best treatment for Sciatica? So don't fret about not being able to get to the computer, I am sure we all understand and the last thing you & us want is your blogging to become a chore.
    I do hope Hanno gets on ok today at the Dentist, although I always found having a tooth pulled was better than a filling.

    At least you have abit of good news with Alice on the mend.
    Keep smiling hun and hope you are fighting fit again soon.
    Lv Steph xx

  45. Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear of this. I do know what it is like, have had a pinched nerve since the birth of my daughter. The stress you have been going to has contributed to this - I know from personal experience. I read a book called Angel Medicine by Dr Doreen Virtue which helped me a lot. I still have the odd bout and numb toes if I stand or walk too long but not the crippling pain.

    Stay strong, relax more (don't feel guilty about what needs to be done, this is only a passing stage). A nice warm bath with epsom salts would probably do you the world of good.

  46. Take care Rhonda. I think my grandmother had something like that,and tried to brush it away until the pain was too much to bear - NOT a wise move! Be well.

  47. I have been enjoying your blog for quite some time but up until now have not made any comments. However, as a fellow bad back sufferer I thought I would pass on some advice I was given which has helped me every time my back has played up. I was told that when ever I suffered from a bad back to either keep standing or lie down flat but to never sit. Voltarin keeps the worst of the pain away until it becomes manageable. And if I have really bad spasms to keep my back warm (with a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel).

    Following the above steps, I generally find that I am feeling a lot better within 3 - 4 days.

    Hope the above helps and that you are feeling better soon.

  48. We all feal this way at times Rhonda. After all you have been through the last few weeks you deserve some r&r, you, Hanno and Alice are in my thoughts and prayers.

  49. Hi Rhonda, I read your blog all the time and have been sad to read of your run of sad events. Reading your last few posts brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to send you a virtual hug. I do hope the back eases soon and you can get back to the things that make you happy. Bless Alice, I am glad she is recovering well and I hope Hanno is ok after the dentist. You deserve some more cheerful times now, I hope they come your way really soon. Take care x

  50. I hope you feel better soon!

  51. Rhonda, so sorry to read that you are down in the dumps but we are only human and these things happen (but we wish they did'nt). I had a severe case of sciatica 5 years ago (too long a story to explain) and the thing that helped me was yoga. I know it's not for everyone but it did it for me. Haven't had pain in that department in 5 years... thank god !

  52. Sorry you're in the wars at the moment! You may find the most comfortable position at the moment to be lying on your front propped up on your elbows, as that was best when my husband had it a year or so back. I agree with other readers in that physio is the best thing to help it, but if its a recurrence it may go by itself in a day or two. Also, if you have a good therapeutic masseur near you, see if they can free up the nerve. I have a talent for such massage and since I untrapped hubby's nerve (it took me 2 massages to get rid completely) he's not suffered with his sciatica at all. And the pain was previously going all the way down his leg, so a pretty bad case!

    Looks like you all need to take a rest today, and see how things are tomorrow. You may need more than the one day by the sound of things!

    Hope you all get well soon xxx

  53. I certainly agree with one of your readers...sitting too much is not good, a heat pak gives relief and voltren for a few days helps with inflammation. But certainly consider an osteopath or physio if this condition goes on for more than 3 or 4 days. Best wishes to you, Hanno & Alice.

  54. Good news about Alice, but sorry to hear about your back pain on top of everything else. I hope Hanno got on Ok having his teeth out - not pleasant. Sounds like you will all need to take it easy for a little while and take life gently. All best wishes from the Eastern UK

  55. I pray a quick relief come your way.

    Sigh, I noticed once I got over fifty that the aches and pains seem to come out of nowhere.

  56. Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Glad that Alice is doing better but wow, vet trips are so expensive!
    Hope that your back continues to get better Ü

  57. A man I worked with had a sign in his office that said "This too shall pass". He said he used it to remind himself when things were bad they would always get better. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  58. I love reading your blog. I think someday we will be able to live like you do....

    What made me really decide to comment is hearing about your sciatica pain. I would like to recommend that you try either a chiropractor or acupuncturist to help. They really do wonders. I periodically have sciatica myself and after one treatment I feel some relief. It usually takes a couple or so but otherwise the pain could drag on forever.

    Hope you are back to your cheerful self soon.

  59. I really really really hate to add to your frustrations but I can't get your previous post icons to work. It keeps saying there is something wrong with the server and I a quite screptical as to wheither to send the error report or not because in this day in time you never know if things like that are cleverly discuisded virrus. I have had my puter hacked twice now so I don't take chances. Is there something indeed wrong with the server? I haven't been to your blog in sometime and found you in my favorites list and discovered all over again why I liked reading your blog and was just trying to catch up on what I missed. I hope it is nothing. Thanks Kim


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