10 September 2008

I need your help

Hi again everyone! I'm doing some work on the book today and I need your help. I want to include the stories of others people/couples/families who are living the simple life and although I have people in Australia and the US in mind, I want some in Canada, the UK and Europe. Can you help me find some good people? I only need a few but I want to look through a lot of blogs to get that small number.

I need those who are living simply with green sustainable values. They MUST have a blog so I can see and read about what they're doing, and they MUST be not only writing about what is important in their lives but also be applying those principles to their daily life. Photos are absolutely necessary, I need to see, as well as read, about change.

So if you have such a blog, or know of some, please add the links in the comments. Over the next few days I'll visit and if I think it's suitable, I'll email the blog owner. And hopefully, we'll all find some great new blogs to read. Remember, it's only UK, Canadian or European blogs I'm interested in.

Thanks everyone!

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