10 September 2008

Progress report

The pain is going.

Hanno had three teeth out but said the dentist was great and he feels okay.

Alice spent some time with us at the Centre yesterday while Hanno was at the dentist across the road. She explored, met a lot of new people and sniffed everything she could. Her neck looks good now.

I'm not going to push my luck and sit here writing today but I want you all to know things are getting better for all three of us and I think I'll be back with you tomorrow.

Oh, the swap deadline has passed. Has everyone posted their swap? I'll email Sharon later and we'll sort out what we'll do about photos and finalising this swap.

Take care everyone. :- )



  1. Dearest Rhonda,
    I sure have been praying for you three. So glad to read you are feeling better with your pain, Hanno is doing o.k. and sweet Alice is healing.
    Wishing you a blessed and happy day my friend.

  2. Hi Rhonda,
    Sending you hugs from Scotland - I'm going through a tough time myself right now, but hope and pray that my world will right itself again.
    Look after yourselves,
    Pauline xx

  3. Glad to hear that things are looking up for all three of you, take care :)

  4. Hi Rhonda Jean :) So, so glad to read that things are a bit better! It would be a joy to live close enough to bring you a basket of something to make your supper (or maybe breakfast due to time difference - lol) Love, Q

  5. Hi Rhonda,
    This is only my second time writing to you so I hope I am doing this BLOG thing right!!!
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I have been slowly reading through all your archives and have found them so interesting. I want to start making some concentrated laundry powder and I trying to grate up some sunlight soap. Did you find that it grated into a powder more so than soap flakes? Do you still use 4 cups if it grates up into a powder? Also I tried to buy Napisan soap from Woolworths but could only find Sard soap. Would this be ok for the Heavy Duty washing powder?
    Thankyou so much Rhonda! I look forward to reading many more of your Blogs!
    Take care

  6. Dear Rhonda,

    Sending good wishes your way that you will have a pleasant day. Glad that all 3 of you are getting better. Take care.


  7. I'm glad things are on the improve Rhonda.

  8. Glad everyone is doing better. Take it easy yet. You three are in my prayers.

  9. Happy to hear you three are coming 'round. I, on the other hand, have the flu :(


  10. Rhonda, I'm so glad you are all doing better! This seems to be life. It gets better, then worse, then better, then worse, then better........Whatever it is it will change, so enjoy what is while you can....Or so my life is at the moment. After waiting three months to see if my shoulder would get better on its own, I gave up and went to the doctor who prescribed Physical Therapy which is working really well. I'm very happy! I mailed off my pincushion and needle book on Saturday with great pleasure. It was simple, but very fun to do. I am planning to make them for my daughters and some friends for Christmas...

  11. Hello Rhonda

    I have had this undeniable urge recently to rediscover your blog and re-immerse myself in your simple, eloquent and thoughtful prose - thankyou, thankyou for the time and energy you spend on your blog and for what it means to those of us 'out here' to enjoy a small piece of quiet sanity during the hectic day. I have re-read everything from day dot and slowly making those same small changes in my own life. You have such a gift with words, you really do.

    Am so sorry to hear you three are not the best - rest, rest, rest.

    Love and prayers

  12. Hi Rhonda,
    Sending good wishes from Michigan
    I faithfully read your blog every evening , though have not commented until now
    Your blog inspires me to live more simply everyday.
    Mrs Sharp

  13. I'm glad the pain is going, so many people are sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

    Tracie emailed me to say my package had arrived, hers to me arrived today.

  14. Gosh you really are having a run of bad luck, but I'm so pleased to hear that things are looking up for everyone a little bit. I wouldn't wish sciatica on my worst enemy so I truly feel for you! Sending lots of happy, healing thoughts to you all :-)

    Cheers, Julie

  15. Glad to hear the pain is going.
    I have received Robbie's lovely pincushion and needlebook. And Robbie has also received the pincushion and needlebook I sent her. Really enjoyed the swap. :-)


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