Thanks everyone

15 May 2008
I want to thank everyone who took the time to leave a comment on by anniversary post. I was quite amazed at all the comments and read each one with a broad smile. I am truly humbled by some of the comments, particularly the ones who wrote that they have changed their life in some way. They mean a lot to me, thank you.

I can't reply to all of you but please know I appreciate every comment, particularly those who have delurked to say hello and those who said hello for the first time. :- )

Cameron Elizabeth Stearns, I'll have a post tomorrow that will give you some stitches to practise. Good on you for having a go.

Gee Rachel L, I don't know what to say. I hope I don't let you down.

Gayze, next stop chickens! That's great. Enjoy your journey and let me know how you go with the chooks.
Cindi check out my next post - it's all about starting your stitchery.

Hi Paula! I'm glad you enjoyed this area. Don't give up on the tomatoes. You learn so much when they fail. I love the confidence for this season. Good luck!

Thank you Pippa. I'll have a photo of my Pippa for you soon. :- )

Hi Rhonda, my love to you and Simon!

Virginia, if you plant the cherry tomatoes, and some Roma types, they are not bothered by the fruit fly. I buy exclusion bags for my peaches, you might try those. You might have something similar to this over there.

Chookasmum, thanks for the help you've given with the swaps, Lorraine. You've been a true blessing to me and have helped the swaps continue.

Julia, I haven't forgotten you, I think of you most days and wonder how you're getting on. There will be more emails in the future but at the moment I'm busy in the garden and with family. Take care love.

Sharon, thank you so much for being a dear friend and for all the help you've given me with the swaps, they would have stopped if you and Lorraine weren't here.

Hi Myra, thank you for your support and your comments.

Hello catsister, good luck with those eggs. Let me know when they hatch please.

Hi shyperson, thank you for going to all that trouble to comment. I appreciate it. I hope you keep reading for a long time.

Stacey wall, thank you for your kind words. It warms my heart to know I'm helping people move towards a better life. Our humid climate brings a lot of powdery mildew with it. It's better to grow upwards in thsoe conditions becasue the humidity can dry off the leaves if they're exposed to the sun. That diary is for my work. I write down my appointments and meetings as well as lists of things I have to do during the day

Good luck with your retirement, Lizzie.

Thanks Annikka!

Simple fancies, it did take ages to write them all down - 3½ pages! I did it in between doing other things. Thanks for the suggestion for Renee.

Thanks River!

Yabusame, I love it when you comment. Thanks for holding the banner high for the men. You remind me a little bit of my son who is just starting to build his own simple life. I think it's great you make that tote bag for your girlfriend. I think she's a lucky girl.

Craftcherry, we buy grain mash - it's a combo of all sorts of cracked grains like corn, wheat, millet, sunflower seeds etc. We also give them greens from the garden, bread soaked in powdered milk and porridge. If you're Australian I wrote an article in the current Warm Earth magazine about how to feed chickens.

Rachel G, your kids have a great mum. Please tell your ten year old I said hello to him today.

Teresa (ladyfromthewoods) thank you, I'm really pleased you found what you needed in the blog. I will come back to those comments when I'm wondering why I should continue. I get in that space sometimes and I know reading all that loveliness will boost me up again.

Fifi, I'm pretty sure I sent all the photos of bags etc on to Sharon to post. Have you checked on the flickr page? If it's not there, resend it and I'll forward it on.

Sharron in UK, I don't know where the name of bread and butter cucumbers came from. It is a strange name, isn't it. Glad to hear you're using some of the recipes. The book is The Self-sufficient Life and How to Live It. I read his Complete Book a long time ago and found it very helpful. I think he was a great man whose life was a great example to go by.

Hi Patricia, I hope you use one of the dishcloths on dishes soon. ;- )

Hi bobbykins. I think a few people came from that great site. Say hello to all over there for me. I still go there when I have time.

Hi Tansy, thank you for your kindness. I hope you can start a small stitchery from today's post.

Lacy and Carla, thank you, you are both dear friends.

Liberty Star Farm Family, thank you. What a lovely sight that conjurs up for me of all you working in your garden ... love, the chicken lady.

Hi Nikki (ivoryfrog) keep up the good work, darling. Let me know how the girls go in the garden and how you find the square foot gardening.

HI Anna Marie of the bread. LOL!

Hi Stephb, thank you. :- )

HI Robbyn, thank you for you kind comment. Say hello to your DH for me.

Thanks Cheryl. :- )

Phew! I wish I could repond to every comment. Soon I will start visiting unfamiliar (to me) blogs from the links left.

Now I'll write today's post.


  1. Rhonda,
    Your work is inspiring me. I am making homemade soap and so is my daughter. We both like it. Also, learning to conserve through many of your suggestions. I'm even ready to plant tomatoes & green peppers. Your writings help me to feel grounded and comfortable without buying more. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Rhonda, I do appreciate it.

    Since you've put up a stitchery how-to guide for the ladies, how about getting an idea for a how-to from Hanno for us blokes? Is there something that he wishes he'd read about before he got started with the simple life? (How to buid a snake- & dog-proof chicken coop maybe ;-))

    Also, how about an interview with Hanno (you holding the microphone so to speak) where we can get a male perspective of whats happening? Is Hanno still in bed whilst you prepare bread and do your blog because you work him like a slave during the day? ;-)

    Just a few ideas for your blog in the next year of blogging.


  3. Hi rhonda Jean

    I am afraid i dont have the john seymour book you are looking for but have a book called "A Good Life" John Seymour his self sufficiency legacy...........its a biographt written by paul peacock ,i would be more than happy to pass it on to you.

    We loved the cucumbers i intend to do something similair with celery next,i wonder if the name comes from there being used for cucumber sandwiches?

    Sharron in the UK

  4. I love Yabusame's suggestion of interviewing Hanno and having a male perspective, that would be so interesting. Diana x



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