15 May 2008

A catching up day

Year 2 Day 1 ;- )

I am absolutely overwhelmed at the messages of friendship sent in the previous post. Thank you, everyone. I'll come back later today, write all your names out and get Hanno to draw one name out of a hat for me. When I return to tell you whose name was chosen, I'll also respond to some of the comments made.

I'll be at home today after my three days at work. They were good days this week with progress made with a young man who I thought we might lose. Gardening did the trick. It brought him back to us each day and it helped him talk and regain his strength. There is much to be said for dirt, seeds and the promise of new life.

Today I'm going to pick the last of the rosellas and make jam. I'll also make bread and a tuna and vegetable loaf for our dinner. There are chickens to get reacquainted with - I've just been helping Hanno put them to bed at night when I come home from work and I really want to be picking them up, feeding them green leaves and watching them interact with each other.

There was a short burst of heavy rain overnight so I'll check the vegetable garden for damage, do some tidying up around the plants and see what's ready for picking. I have an idea for a small area of potted plants within the vegetable garden so I'll ask Hanno to lay some old bricks we have so the pots don't sit directly on the ground. I'm looking forward to spending time in the garden again. It often seems like such a long time when I'm away for those few days.

Later this afternoon I hope to do some sewing. And Shane will be here again; he is travelling over to see his girl and to have his ute serviced.

It's cold (13C 55F) here this morning, and although many of my friends in colder climates would probably think of it as balmy, I have my lambswool slippers and two jumpers on. And now I'm about to make some hot tea and oat porridge to warm my innards. I am such a sook in cold weather. :- ) See you again soon.

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