Photos of a garden in afternoon light

7 May 2008
I've been writing emails this morning instead of posting so here are some photos taken last week but not posted. Clicking on the photos will enlarge them.

The garden in the late afternoon.

In the photo below you can see right through the house to the front garden.

Margaret, our pretty buff Sussex, watching ants on the wall.

Ruby chard. When it's picked this young, it can be part of a salad, or it can be steamed lightly with a little butter added.

I'll be back with more news tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Gorgeous Rhonda Jean!
    I can't wait until we get our garage up so that I can use the newly found space for a garden...
    Would love to have chickens but don't think that will happen for awhile...
    Have a lovely evening Ü

  2. You have a lovely garden!

  3. I adore ruby chard! My husband is not a fan but I just love it! I always grow a little bit and while I complain that he won't eat it -- I'm secretly very glad. More for me!

    Blessings to you!

  4. Rhonda, I think I finally realized the secret of your garden's loveliness: it's functional! :-)

  5. Hi rhondaa jean

    Love your pics

    Margaret looks like she has been sent to the naughty corner!!

    Sharron in the uk

  6. It looks just like our garden when I was growing up. My parents took endless pictures of me crawling through the strawberry plants and eating them.
    When I look at your pictures memories pop up, especially of walking around the garden as a little kid, finding things and poking the earth with a stick, making soup from dirt and water. Makes our balcony now look pretty boring for my kids! Fortunately we have enough nature nearby. We saw baby guineapigs, born last night at the farm this morning!

    Christine from the NL

  7. Chard is also great served in a pasta dish--1lb pasta, 1lb Italian sausage [cooked and drained, 1 jar roasted red peppers, one purple onion, some garlic. Toss w/little olive oil. Cook onion, garlic, chard in olive oil, add red peppers, toss w/cooked pasta & cooked sausage. Top with grated parmesan.


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