Seed swap and pineapples

22 May 2008

A wonderful parcel arrived a couple of days ago. It was from my swap partner Tracy. As well as sending some great seeds, she also sent a Down to Earth hessian tote bag (!!!) and an Organic magazine. The seeds are long black radish, evergreen bunching shallots, moon and stars watermelon, climbing princess beans, lemon cucumber, red iceberg lettuce, giant Russian sunflower and dragon carrots. I am going to have a lot of joy planting and growing those plants and I'll have thoughts of Tracy on her sheep stud while I go about it.

Thank you Tracy. :- )

Don't you just love the names of the old heirloom vegetables. The hybrids are named by scientists, and it shows. They have names like L9 smooth or Kandy Kwik. pffffffffffffft. I much prefer climbing princess beans, dragon carrots, pink Brandywines and Turks Turban pumpkin. You just know those names come from the people who grow food and who often name the vegetable because it looks like its name or for someone they know. Their is a rich heritage tied up with vegetable seeds. I hope we don't lose it.

I have another drink recipe for you today. It's a drink for summer or winter - in the summer it's very cooling, in the winter, because it's high in Vitamin C, it's a good drink for the flu season.

I live in an area that grows lots of pineapples and when it's pineapple season - now - I take advantage of it and buy a local pineapple every week; they cost between $1 and $2. Pineapple crush contains a lot of fibre and vitamin C and some vitamin A, iron and calcium.

You'll need a blender to make this drink.


Cut the skin off the pineapple and test a small piece of the fruit for sweetness. Cut the pineapple in quarters, length ways, and remove the core. Then cut the flesh into chunks.

I chose this particular pineapple because it had three growing tops. I've cut them into the three tops and when they dry out a little, I'll plant them. Pineapples usually fruit in their second year.

Place half the chunks into your blender, if the pineapple is not sweet enough, add sugar to your taste. Our pineapples are always sweet here so I never have to add sugar.

If you're going to drink it straight away and it's summer, add one cup of water and one cup of ice. Blend the pineapple until it's pouring consistency. Pour into a glass, add more iced water until it's right for you, top with a mint leaf and enjoy.

In winter, leave out the ice but blend with two cups of water. Again, add more water to it before you drink.

This is a delicious and healthy drink that will add a lot of fibre and vitamin C to your diet. It's a great drink for children because there are no preservatives or colourings and if you don't add sugar to it, contains only natural sugars. It would probably also make a good icey pole treat for the children mixed with a little yoghurt, and frozen.

I'm at home all day today. :- ) I'm going to catch up on my cleaning, tidy the sewing room, do some laundry and check out the garden
and the chooks. I'm also looking forward to reading the magazine Tracy sent while I sip tea on the front verandah. I hope you enjoy your day too.


  1. Very ironic! I told my husband yesterday that I was going to but the pineapple I have sitting on the table in the blender today. First I must get in my greens though. Do you know if pineapple tops would do anything if grown indoors instead of outside? We're in zone 8 but I do believe that it would be too cool to keep pineapple outside all year.

  2. HI Rhonda Jean,
    Thanks for the recipe.I Love fresh pineapple. THe cheapest we can buy them is $3.99-$4.99 now and then $2.99
    Hope you're having a great wk.

  3. Ooo your pineapple crush sounds lovely. My granddaughter eats like a bird and I am always looking for things to tempt her with.

    Have a happy day.

    Pippa in Cornwall.

  4. Ooh, I love heirloom seeds too...
    I agree about the names too, part of the fun of buying seeds are the description and the name~ at least for me!
    I made the bread machine rolls today...thank you, it's wonderful and one that I can make quickly without a lot of fuss!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. Thank you so much for the recipe! It sounds delicious. Wow, I guess I've never seen a pineapple with 3 tops -- amazing :-) My sister (who has had luck growing pineapples) is going to get a plant started for me.

  6. I did not know it was possible to plant pineapple tops! Amazing.

  7. Hi Rhonda Jean :) What a thoughtful gift! I loved your notes about heirloom seeds and their names. I heartily agree.

    Thanks for the yummy recipes - my sweet little man loves fresh pineapple! Love, Q

  8. Hi, just letting you know that I have added you to my favourite blog list.

  9. I love pineapple, but its just a tad expensive right now. We were lucky enough to go to Hawaii some years ago, the fresh pineapple was delicious.......wonder if you can make the crush from tinned chunks in fruit juice?????

  10. I have the princess climbing beans sprouting at this very moment and they are just gorgeous as babies! I love the name too :)

  11. The pineapple recipe sounds good! They don't grow here, they're imported but still not too expensive. Though we like to eat locally as much as possible, we do enjoy the occasional pineapple!
    Lovely package you got, the tote bag is beautiful!

    Christine from the NL

  12. Yum, I can't believe I've never thought of doing that. Maybe it's because I don't actually have a blender........
    Note to self - must buy a blender.

  13. WOW, Rhonda! I just bought a pineapple at our local grocery store in the midwestern United States... and my pineapple was mostly a dark green. It didn't look golden on the outside like your fresh-picked one. My mouth waters when I think of how incredibly sweet your pineapple tastes!
    Lucky woman, you!
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Hi Rhonda, would you mind sharing the ins and outs of growing your own pineapple? Here in the Southern US I think I could do it. Thanks! Love your blog, by the way!

  15. I adore fresh pineapple and it is such a treat to get a very fresh one here in Nebraska! Last year at our local Relay For Life cancer fundraiser, a lady was selling quarters of fresh pineapple as her money-maker and let me tell you what -- she made a FORTUNE for our fundraiser!

    I was going to start planting my garden today but it is raining! :( So it goes in Nebraska! Good luck planting your heirloom seeds! I, too, adore the names of heirlooms!


  16. Hi, Rhonda - I received my seeds from Jayedee earlier this week and have a note & photo posted on my blog. Do I need to send you or Sharon a copy of the photo?
    I was flabbergasted at all the seeds she sent...I hope I can plant some soon - we've had a lot of rain this week.
    Carla in Idaho

  17. Heather J,
    When I've purchased green pineapple I let it sit out for a few day and it begins to golden. Green in my experience means that it's not quite ripe.

  18. I also love heirloom veggies. Not only are their names neat, but they taste so much better than hybrids!

    My kids love pineapple around here, so I'll have to give your recipe a try! Thanks for posting it!

  19. Just wanted to say hello from the UK, I have just found your wonderful blog.I am loving reading through the archives ( although this is taking awhile due to a demanding 8 month old, along with an older brother & sister of 13 & 10 )
    Such wonderful ideas and tips that I am hoping to start including in my day to day life.
    A huge thanks for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge & wisdom.
    Look forward to getting to know you more.
    Much love & sunshine Denise x

  20. I feel like I'm out of the loop. I am 57 and I have never heard of heirloom seeds. Goes to show you that you can learn a lot at any age. My daughter and I will use our pineapple to make the pineapple drink the way you directed. Thanks so much. We read your blog daily and look for it each evening after work.

  21. This sounds like something my oldest would love - thanks for the recipe!



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