Rain and relaxation

29 May 2008
It's been a busy week. I've worked every day since Sunday, and have today off but there is a training day tomorrow. After Friday everything will settle down again. Thank goodness. I'm tired.

I slept really well last night with rain falling on the roof and filling the tanks. Today I'll get reacquainted with the chooks and check out the garden. I have silverbeet to freeze, rosella jam to make and a basket full of button squash sitting on the table waiting for me. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with it. There are a couple of loads of laundry to do that will have to hang under shelter because today, and the next few days, we have rain.

As well as all the catch up work here at home, I'm working on a project that I can't tell you about yet, but will soon. I hope to get to that later in the morning after my chores are done and I have time to sit and think.

Overall though, today will be a day when I can regain my strength here at home, get things in order and regroup. This is the only place I can truly relax and recover so I will squeeze every bit of life from this day at home to be ready for what follows with all the joys and challenges that might pose.

I haven't had the time to answer emails for a while so there are quite a few of you waiting. I'll try to square them all away on the weekend. Thank you for being patient and for making contact. I thank you all for your wonderful comments over the past week. I've had the best time reading them, smiling, agreeing and learning about what you're all doing out there. It is very heartwarming to read your stories and I'm thankful for the time you take to be a part of my blog community.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying "catching up" with you. You know I always adored all your wonderful advice and wisdom elsewhere online. I desparately needed this inspiration right now.

  2. Sounds like you've had a very busy week! It's rainy here in Nebraska again! Since last Thursday we've had almost 8" of rain!!!!! We never have that much rain this time of year! It did clear up on Sat, Sun, and Mon so I was able to finally put my garden in!!! I'm so thankful for that! We depend heavily on the vegies we grow! Take care and have a lovely weekend!


  3. I hope you have a great day Rhonda, and that you manage to do all you want to.

    I rarely read comments on blogs but I always read through all the comments here for ideas and inspiration and to hear about about other people's lives all around the world - the comments really are a part of this blog - Hello everyone! :)

  4. Wishing you a restful day. Always enjoy your words so much.

  5. Wow! Sounds like a busy but productive and wonderful day at home!
    I just love coming here and reading!
    Wishing you a blessed day at home!

  6. Glad to hear about the rain, it's always a good thing to have water going into your tanks. It's only pretending down here, but hopefully we'll get some real rain in the next few days.

  7. Good Morning Rhonda

    Have a good and restful day. I'm sure the chooks will be pleased to see you after your busy week away.


  8. HI Rhonda, I am the same as rosieb - I don't really post comments or read them on others blogs but yours are great to read through. I am hoping that we too will see some rain today. Have a lovely day pottering around your sanctuary and I look forward to reading your next post.
    PS I saved 13c a litre on my petrol last night - they were scheduled to put it up half an hour after I went. 13c is a huge jump...

  9. I'm glad you had a good nights sleep, I woke up everytime I heard rain on the roof a sound that we don't get to hear often enough..... but it is such a lovely sound.
    Judi B

  10. Dear Rhonda,

    I think of you when I am going about doing the things that need done to keep our home going. I love the attitude you have about taking care of your family and home. Again you are teaching us readers so many things. I hope you keep writing for a long, long time. Enjoy your time at home.

    elaine from PA

  11. Ahhh...sleeping while it rains.... Does it get any better? I hope you have a very relaxing and productive day. :-)

  12. Have a good day, Rhonda! I always read all the comments here too, they're indeed almost as good as the posts (not counting my own). :-)

    Christine from the NL

  13. Its either feast or famine, we have had badly needed rain, yesterday especially, but now the ground is too wet to do anything, we may go to the allotment tomorrow if it stays fine today.

    Yesterday we went to see my youngest daughter who lives 30 miles away from us. I am so very proud of her. She had 2 children and left an obsessive and controlling partner to bring up her two children on her own. They still spend regular time with their father and in fact get on better now they live apart. The children are two of the nicest well adjusted children you could wish to meet, well mannered and creative. They do not have TV, but use a DVD player to watch films etc, both are avid readers and do play out a lot.

    My duaghter often says how grateful she is for the lessons I gave her when she was a teenager, which allowed her to feed and clothe her children on benefits. She now has a job at the local school which means she is at home with the children in the holidays.

    We called in at the local nursery to pick up some sweet corn plants as ours have not germinated as yet, if they do eventually they will be a bonus.

    Your blog is the first thing I turn to each day when I switch on my computer, I love to read about what you are doing, keep up the good work Rhonda.

  14. Hasn't the rain been wonderful today.(near Bribie Island) I had an afternoon nap listening to the rain on the roof and my cat at the end of the bed.
    But I keep thinking, we have to get that water tank, and soon.

  15. Rhonda, thank you for creating the blog that the community can coalesce around.

    You have something real to give to the world, and a talent to give it well and creatively. You really should think about publishing some of your blog entries, or putting them into book form.

    We are now composting more than before and recycling more than before and I am trying to calm down and enjoy the routines of taking care of things at home....

    We were already moving in the green direction but are now moving farther, faster. This is because of the influence of your blog.

    Also, I am about to get rid of the tv in my bedroom. I always thought it was relaxing in the evening, but there is just more and more such garbage on, and it keeps me up too late. I would rather read as I always do, but now after tv. If I only read I would save electricity, and get more rest.

  16. can I ask (as a mere brit) what rosella jam is... sounds fascinating but I can't think of anything that might relate to it over here.

  17. So glad I started blogging or I would have never come across so many wonderful inspiring people with such varied and interesting lives.What a lovely community feeling there is out there!
    Hope you managed to have a restful day!Love and Blessings from Kathyann and the girls



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