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14 December 2012

Weekend reading

A timely reminder from Soulemama

Who owns your content?

Do you have a Facebook page?  Better read this

Finding a vet for your chooks UK

Silent Spring to be republished - why Rachel Carson is a saint

Whole Larder Love

Older women are an untapped resource


There's a lot of Christmas cooking going on at not just green fingers

Megan is back at Byron Life

Rachael is juggling over at balance and bliss

And over at Organised Castle, the conversation s around age-appropriate games


  1. You have left me with much to read. Now it's time for me to get on to making sugar cookies to hang on the tree. Buddy is getting impatient.

    1. Mmmm sugar cookies. Heidrun, who is Buddy?

  2. Not sure where to put this but after working all of my life (now 59) I am taking about six months off work to look after my terminally ill Mother. I read this blog everyday and there is so much I want to do. I am so excited to be staying at home and have much more energy and connection my home now. You are so right Ronda and an inspiration. I am going to make some ginger beer and got out a doily to cover the jar with and thought I would share the lovely collection that I have, all made by my Grandmother. But I was unable to insert the photo which is a real pity. Can someone help I would love you to see them.

    1. Fishcakes, I sorry to read about your mum. It will be a wonderful gift to you both to have these months together. The ginger beer is delicious, I'm pleased you're making a batch. You can't insert photos here but if you're a member of the forum, you can upload over there. If not, just email me at

      Good luck in all you do.

  3. Margaret Attwood's article on Rachel Carson was most enlightening. Thank you for sharing the article. I am now off to start harassing the publisher to put Silent Spring into Kindle format...

  4. I'm not sure if my the comment I posted yesterday went through or not. If so please delete this one.

    I just wanted to say a big thankyou for featuring my blog on your weekend reading I feel very honoured.

    I love reading your weekend reading and to feature on it makes me feel very proud.

    Thank you again.

    1. This is the first comment I've had from you in recent days, love. You're very welcome. I love being able to suggest other good blogs to the people who read here.


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