Weekend reading

7 December 2012
Thank you all for your visits and comments this week. I'm running so far behind answering emails and comments I'm not sure I'll get to them. My problem is that I don't want to spend a lot of time writing about living my life, I'd rather be out there doing it. There are so many things to do at the moment, I'm sure we're all in the same situation, so thank you for understanding.

Homeless deaths in Totnes

The delusion of growth

Fear is not a lifestyle choice

A very good article on saving vegetable seeds - Mother Earth

Are homemade Christmas presents always better?

Braised neck of lamb with apricots - from Nigel

What to do with your old Christmas cards - Dutch Sisters

Amazing montages of old and new photos of the same place - Spitalfields Life


Lone Pine Farm - if you love horses as I do, have a look at the beautiful John Boy. Scroll down to see the rescue animals

Make Sew Bake Grow - Christmas prep and scroll down for wanting less money

Rabidlittlehippy - getting ready to move to the country