Building a sandpit

18 December 2012
I am married to a wonderful man and I don't say it enough. I think it often but it's not the same. We make a very sound team and between the two of us, we can do just about anything we need to.  It's easy living with someone who knows what is right, and does it. It gives me strength to see him work doing daily chores and extra projects. It makes me feel secure when he gathers up the climbing frames from all over the garden, the ones that have held tomatoes, cucumbers and beans, then cleans them up to hang along the back garden fence, waiting until they're needed next year. Seeing that happen every year shows me that the garden will go on as ever, that there will be another season and we need to slowly prepare for it.

All along the fence, reinforcing steel from the climbing frames, recycled year after year, and now ready for next season.

But it's not only the practical and necessary he takes care of, he is the maker of gifts too. A few weeks ago I showed him a segment of the Better Homes and Gardens TV program, where there was a sandpit being made. He watched it a few times, going back and forward over particular bits, then he downloaded the plans and set to work on one for Jamie and Alex.

For the first week he worked steadily every day when he had time for it. Slowly it came together and then we planned the colours and where it would sit.

And then it was finished and just had to be moved to its place in the garden. The sandpit has two bench seats that the boys can sit on and when it's not in use, the seats fold over and cover the sandpit entirely. No cats! Just clean sand all the time. A market umbrella provides shade. The black weed mat keeps the sand in while allowing rain to drain away. It's such a good idea.

Moving it was definitely a two man job. We had to wait a few days for Jens to come over to help move it into the garden.

And then it was in place. Now to attach the top and fill the pit with sand from the landscaper.

Jens took over and filled the sand pit. It's a fine thing to have strong sons who have a work ethic that matches their father's.

So now we just have to wait for two little boys called Alex and Jamie to come along and have fun in there. I love how sandpits help stimulate creative play. There are no directions, no packaging, no right way, just some buckets, little spades and time. That's all that's needed. Thanks Opa!

The pattern and directions for making the sandpit are here.