23 September 2011

On my mind ...

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I'll be organising seeds today. Simple. Quiet. Fun.


  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Hope you enjoy your relaxing day.
    On my mind this Friday is how quickly time passes.

  2. I have joined in today

  3. I love playing with seeds. Enjoy.

    Here's what's on my mind: http://www.littleecofootprints.com/2011/09/on-my-mind_nnuts_transition_newcastle.html

  4. Good morning Rhonda. What a lovely job you have planned. I love going through my seeds. You are lucky that you are not as bound by the seasons, when it comes to sowing, as we are down here. Enjoy!

    On my mind today is power!!!

  5. Have a great weekend, Rhonda!

    On my mind is dinner my son fixed (with some help from his younger sister) a few nights ago. :)


  6. Heart health is on my mind today, view my post at

  7. Well done Rhonda, I love saving seeds for the following year....Mine aren't ready to gather just yet.
    On my mind is my young citrus trees and a rat of a different variety in my garden.....

  8. Hi Rhonda It was lovely to meet you too.You wrote about Portuguese cabbage earlier , is it nice eating?The question I wished to ask on Wednesday was re: yoghourt,do you place bought yoghourt in the freezer for future starter or just scoops of your homemade yoghourt have a great day Cheers Affussa

  9. Hi Affussa, I usually don't have yoghurt in the fridge all the time. When I make it, I place some in a container and store that in the freezer to make future yoghurt. If you have homemade yoghurt in the fridge and you want to make more, your starter can be what is in the fridge.

  10. Good morning to everyone. Week one of the spring school holidays is nearly done.

  11. I'm thinking of spring and seeds too but there won't be any sowing happening yet - at least not outside!!
    Happy Spring Equinox, Rhonda!!


  12. Please come to


    to read all about my mother's teapot collection in the On My Mind special.

    Thank you.

  13. Oh, that is such an exciting time of year! Around the world I am worrying about whether or not we are going to get red tomatoes and peppers before it begins to frost!

    On my mind is making food preparations for a road trip. http://bld-in-mt.blogspot.com/2011/09/on-my-mind_22.html

  14. Hi Rhonda,

    On my mind today is my diet and some changes that need to be made to hopefully identify what has been causing stomach problems recently! Also I have placed a hold for Nourishing Traditions at my local library and look forward to reading that!

    Here is the link:


    Thank you!


  15. Morning Rhonda,

    Hope you be feeling "seedy" after your day!
    I'm also thinking plants but mine is 400yrs old,


  16. I've saved seeds before, but that's it. Just saved them. Maybe I'll try actually planting some of them this fall, before the frost.

    Here's what's on my mind:

    NW Drizzle: "Granny, I want to talk about something."

  17. I am hoping to save seeds from my garden too when the time comes. A better idea than letting them blow all around the garden and pop up everywhere as mine do lol!

    On my mind today is


  18. I need to seed sort as well but this is what's on my mind today

  19. I love going through the seed packets and dreaming of things to come. Once again though, you remind me to be organised...I can see a seed sorting day coming up these holidays now.

    On my mind is ... holiday reading. Feel free to drop by and say hello at http://thelittleblackcowblog.blogspot.com

  20. Oh I love sorting seeds..so satisfying.
    My garden is always on my mind but more so today...

  21. Seed sorting days are great. All those little envelopes filled with promise.
    On my mind today are celebrations.


  22. Today I am thinking of homemade gifts that please the recipient, and make giving a pleasure even when we are in a pinch.


  23. Your post reminds me that I need to plant some seeds! I'll have to add it to the "to do" list for this coming weekend. :)

    On my mind today is SJ's business ventures ~ I seem to have so much paperwork with me of late! http://sorcha-sidhe.blogspot.com/2011/09/on-my-mind-business-ventures.html


  24. I am brand new to blogging and have just discovered your blog. What a great photo feature - here is my "on my mind" entry - http://glossaryking.blogspot.com/2011/09/on-my-mind.html

  25. Hope you had a lovely relaxing day Rhonda. I've had a busy day getting ready for a family celebration; a labour of love and I'm looking forward to a wonderful evening.

  26. Hope your day was productive, mine was finding some quiet time with my grand daughter.

  27. Mine is finally up :)

  28. First time for me joining in on this one - Rhonda, I hope your seed-sorting is going well - what a lovely task!


  29. On my mind this Friday ... pretty dishes make daily tasks much more pleasant. =)


  30. I am thinking that I need to get back to my garden. I did get that garlic in last week. Here is what is on my mind http://homemakerandthepea.blogspot.com/

  31. Good morning Rhonda,
    I have only just popped my head in after being away for a week.
    First, so sorry to hear about Alice. I know she was loved and will be missed.
    Next, what a bevy of wonderful information you have posted during my absence! Can't wait to read them all properly. (I always delve into the 'you might like's at the end).
    On my mind is a guava sorbet I made from some excess fruit given to me by a family friend. Looking forward to enjoying it with my hubby and kids on the back balcony this evening.

    8 guavas (peeled and cut into 1/2 inch chunks)
    2 cups water
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    Juice of 1 lime
    Bring water and sugar to boil. Add guava pieces. Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes until seeds separate from flesh. Cool. Remove pulp chunks and place in blender. Strain liquid to remove seeds. Add this liquid to pulp in blender. Add juice of lime. Give it a whirl, pour into container and place in freezer.

    Have a great and restful weekend
    Trinidad & Tobago

  32. That looks so methodical and peaceful! A lovely way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing! Here is my friday feature - Just now now: my girls - http://wp.me/p1EGAp-8O

  33. I am duly inspired to go check on my seeds and more importantly my seedlings that are waiting for the heat to break here in USDA Zone 10 to get into the ground!

    Small recipe changes that make big differences in the finished product are on my mind today...


  34. The Farmer's seeds are going into the ground for a winter garden. See the beginnings and endings here:

  35. Hi Rhonda,
    I absolutely enjoy reading your blog :)

    I have joined today too :)
    On my mind... SEEDS... 11 new... so inspired by you. I bought these a few days back, and seeing your post decided to jump in and get started.


    warm wishes,

  36. Hi
    Forgot to link mine from yesterday..


  37. I need to collect more seeds; I'd love to keep old varieties alive. On My Mind is My hometown's efforts at recovery after the flooding http://lifeforus.blogspot.com/2011/09/on-my-mind-helping-my-home-town-in-new.html


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