21 February 2020

Weekend reading

Have you had a good week? I've had a lovely week with visitors, multiple family tree discoveries and my housework, and tomorrow we're having a family lunch here with all the grandkids and assorted parents. 

I feel the absolute bitterness of summer coming to a close with shorter days, but it's still hot and humid. There's more rain forecast for the weekend so I hope that spreads itself out and we all share the rain and its benefits.

Here is one of our visitors - Nicole from This Simple Day. We've known each other online for a couple of years but this was our first face-to-face meeting. I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning. Nicole brought finger limes and Brazilian spinach with her and went home with a bunch of Welsh onions. Such a simple exchange of time and produce but deeply satisfying on many levels and symbolic of the way we both live.

I hope you can slow down, relax and enjoy your weekend. If you have the time, here is some reading for you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Science is ever-evolving, just like the human race
'surveillance capitalism' and how tech companies are always watching us
How to Freeze Food Without Plastic
Comfort creep: the one aspect of your financial wellbeing you can control
So now it's liver spots, is it?!  - this is one of my old posts which someone commented on during the week, so read it again. I thought you might like it too.



  1. I did have a most lovely week, Rhonda. Nothing out of the ordinary; just baking, gardening and helping my son learn guitar but it all added up to a sweet and simple week. Thanks for all the reading links! I hope you and Hanno have a great weekend. Meg:)

  2. Thanks for the round up of articles Rhonda. I loved the off the grid story.

  3. Love your blog, have been fowlloing it for some time. What a fascinating family history yu have. I am also an amateur geneaologist. I have a lot of English and German ancestors as well as Italian. So much fun to learn a bit about them and there lives. Just in the past year I have discovered several lines and information on my German ancestors. Do you use Ancestry? I agree, my home is my happy place, I enjoy making it a comfortable place, always have. We are just coming out of winter and seeing a few signs of spring. Will be happy to get into the garden. I am in Utah, USA. Thank you for all your many tidbits of information to use in our homes and your reading list.

    1. Thank you Zee. I do use Ancestry. I've just bought a World Heritage monthly plan and I've found a few of Hanno's relatives on there. It connects to the various German archives.

  4. How nice to catch up with your online friend. I clicked through to your post “Liver spots”. Never a truer or wiser word said. I think contentment comes when there is acceptance of the ageing process. There is no going back but there are compensations if you look in the right place.

  5. Lovely to see the photo of two like minded women getting together, enjoying each others company and exchanging home produce.Beautiful.
    We have an easy weekend planned with cake to be made, dogs to be walked ,rugby to be watched and gardening if weather allows.
    Hope you enjoy the family get together.
    PS may we see Gracie soon?

  6. Thank you for the above articles Rhonda, I especially enjoyed the article on Jill Redwood. I too am in East Gippsland and its so nice to see the locals being recognised. There are many people around this area who live this way, up in the hills. When I was district nursing I would discover the most interesting people in the most unlikely places.
    (I swear Im not stalking you, I just needed to pop in to find a recipe.) Mandi

  7. So sweet of Nicole to visit/meet you in person! I think of blogging as having penpals. I enjoyed your "So now it's liver spots..." blog link....right on! A lot of wisdom in your post. Andrea

  8. Thanks so much for the great reads Rhonda, I'm enjoying the return of your weekend reading very much Kate from Tassie

  9. Rhonda, so glad you found some of Hanno's relatives. My German family came from Buckeburg area in Lower Saxony. Some of the names my names are krauss, Senff, Holste, Fischer, Flentje, Kuhlman. You never know when you might find a relative, even a distant one. Iam still thinking about your ancestors, I find it so fascinating, what a rich history you have. I grew up with my Italian grandparents who were immigrants. Good luck with your research. I will have to check out World Heritage.

  10. Glad you had a nice visit with Nicole ☕

    Our week was busy with Birthdays and a
    lovely surprise visit from Family
    all the way from Australia๐ŸŒฟ

    Take Care x

  11. Thanks for sharing these--I've always enjoyed your Weekend Reading posts, and I'm glad you've decided to bring them back. Looking forward to exploring these links.

  12. Thanks Rhonda 'how to freeze without plastic' was great.I'm trying to reduce the plastic addiction.

  13. Hi Rhonda! I forgot to comment earlier. Thank you for the roundup of articles. I have been working my way through them. I enjoyed the "comfort creep" article and wanted to mention that I also found the related article linked on that page, "They became millionaires and retired at 31. They think you can do the same" really interesting. I'm way past 31 (!!!) and not a millionaire, but just found there focus and hard work interesting. I'm currently reading the Jill Redwood story...what an interesting woman! Thank you for posting these stories! All winners!

  14. Dear Rhonda, you always deliver some very good reads and you never failed even in this blog. It is always nice to have some many family and friends come over to meet and have a little chat but when someone like Nicole who comes to meet you for the first time, now that’s special. That is all one needs, a simple exchange of conversation over a nice meal. It was nice to read your old post as part of this blog.

  15. Such a beautiful gesture of friendship, such a cute smile of two like-minded people, loaded with happiness ๐Ÿ˜Š. I believe your first meeting went well and you had a productive time together. I copied the list to my ( to-read list ) I don’t wanna miss reading some of the good books. Thank you so much, Rhonda, for the weekend reading post. Look forward to more such list. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  16. Had a great week. Was busy with classes at a music institute in Coimbatore. Good to know you are doing great. You have a penchant for exploring and sharing brilliant stuff and it is such a worthy read. To be self sufficient is an art to beat the tough times that lay ahead.

  17. Meeting someone you've only known online can be really exciting. Especially if they are like-minded! I recently met this friend whom I had known only from a group on Facebook. Little did I know that we belonged to the same town.


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