14 February 2020

Weekend reading

I'm very pleased to tell you that it's been raining here for the past nine days. On the last rainy day, the rain gauge overflowed.  A total of 265 mm/10.5 inches all up. It's changed the feel of the backyard and what was brown is now green and growing fast.  The rain here resulted in a few flooded areas but up and down the coast, with the effects of Cyclone Uesi battering the east coast, it not only brought rain to areas that had been dry for many years, it also put out all the bushfires. That is good news for us all.

Full to the brim and overflowing. A sight for sore eyes. 

And here is, the wild, rain-soaked garden, untouched since before Christmas. It's full of weeds and overgrown, a nice project to look forward to when the hot and humid days finally pack up for the year.

Here are some links for you to explore when you have time over the weekend.  I hope you've had a good week and can now enjoy time at home with your family.

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